10 February 2011


And so the musical year begins. The first of our regular Folk Club events began last night with Ragusa. (A new Croatian eatery in Williamstown, hosting ambience and delicious food). Held on the second Thursday of every month, this is a good one to mark in your calendar, it is always a fabulous evening.
Last night we were treated to the fancy fingerpickin' antics of the internationally acclaimed, Nick Charles. And what a show it was! One MSG, (male solo guitarist), held the room spellbound.
Nick was supported by the fabulous stage antics of the Tin Pan Cowboys. (and cowgirl). Western Swing and then some. The gobsmacking voices of Danny O'Connell and Melissa Goetz, supported by the mellow tones of Steve Martin on double bass, mando man himself, Bruce Williams, the guru of sound, Greg O'Leary on fiddle, and the man who makes it all happen, Michael Stuart on guitar.
Apologies for the less than dynamic photos. Due to the lovely ambient lighting of Ragusa I couldn't get many decent shots. I had to use an old one of the Cowboys.

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