22 April 2012

Newport Bowls Swings ....

Last Friday's 'Live@Newport' was a thoroughly entertaining evening of local music. The Stewart sisters Georgina and Isabel kicked off the night with their selection of songs - ranging from country (Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift), Oldies (the Beatles) and some contempory songs that many over 25's wouldn't have heard of (Is 'Foster the People' a band or the name of a song?).  This a local duo that is really starting to hit their strides, singing with lots of confidence and presenting a really entertaining set. 
The new Newport Gypsy Djangos with Gail Horsley on vocals and Greg O'Leary on fiddle then set the place into full swing mode.  Lots of the old favourites (most of the tunes were written pre 1930), and some wild virtuoso solos by Greg Franklin and Rob Broatch on guitar.  As always the music was only half the show - lots of good company, birthday celebrations and cake for Maurie and Terry who have a few years between them, and the hospitality of our hosts at the Bowls Club.  Well done to Simon and team for your efforts in promoting local talent and providing a great night out. 

04 April 2012

BO Session 3 and a half Term 1 2012

Due to illness I negelected to post for the session on 27 feb
we did the jig
trentham,mcqueens magpie
and cunamulla vegemite herbs
present were
Alasdair McCallum, Anette Johansson, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams, Chris Knoop, Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary,
Helen Cahun, Helen Hatcher, Julie Rees, Kathryn Tomkins, Kerry Duke, Michael de Valle, Simon Dew, Simon Leverton, Wendy Love, Trever Hawksworth.

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