27 September 2013

Choir 5th Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated 5 years of the Newport Community Choir. Lots of friends and family to listen, a hearty afternoon tea and lots of singing. Everyone got into the act on the last song - wonderful!

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21 September 2013

Buckley / The Go-between

Jan's show was thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking. Every time I learn something new about the original custodians of this land, I am reminded of how little I still know.

'Buckley' provided lots to take in, and I thought I would follow up while some of it was fresh in my mind. I found the following resources which I would like to share:



Kudos to the organisers for making this show happen on our doorstep


07 September 2013

The Newport Bush Orchestra Helps Seaworks Celebrate the Arrival of the Tall Ships

Photos of the Bush Orchestra at the Tall Ships festival.
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04 September 2013

Isabel Rose Live @ Newport September 19th 2013

Music in her genes

Isabel Rose will share her singing and song writing talents with the community. 14702 Picture: JOE MASTROIANNIIsabel Rose will share her singing and song writing talents with the community. 14702 Picture: JOE MASTROIANNIPurchase this photo from Star Photos: 104702
TALENT may run in the family of young songstress Isabel Rose, but her passion for music is something she holds on her own.
The 18-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist will share her gift of music with the community when she plays a solo gig at Live@Newport on Friday 20 September.
Isabel cut her teeth as a duo with older sister Georgina a few years back, but has since decided to branch out on her own.
She started singing lessons six years ago and has added guitar and songwriting to her repertoire.
“Music is more of a passion, I sing to relax I play guitar as well in-between homework and study,” she said.
Isabel describes her style as contemporary folk with a country influence.
“The songs I write have a more folk, relaxed style. I love country music and over the years it has developed into a twangy sort of sound.”
The Newport resident said her musical upbringing was an influence on her with her father, Michael Stewart a guitarist/violinist/piano player and also the founder of the Newport Folk Festival and Folk Club.
Her grandfather was also musical.
“If you’re exposed to that stuff for a long time, you definitely become influenced by it.”
The talented musician already has a number of solo performances under her belt, including her recent spot at the Newport Folk Festival, and will perform her own material at the upcoming show.
“I enjoy performing. It’s an adrenaline rush and a lot of fun.”
The Newport Folk and Fiddle Club event will take place at the Newport Bowls Club, 4 Mason St, Newport. Full bar and light snack food available. Show starts at 7.30pm. Entry $12, members $8.

02 September 2013

Bush Orchestra Preparing to Set Sail

Monday nights in Newport and the Bush Orchestra is tuning up for another series of gigs in the next month or so.  Captain Greg is at the helm and Kerry Trevor Bruce Dave Mira Bruce Kathryn Veronica and Carol are all following the master's lead.  The crew play a merry dance and are all set for no less than 2 hours of entertainment on Saturday to welcome in the fleet of Tall Ships over at Willliamstown.  Like these sessions it will be a hoot - playing from the heart and for the joy of it.  Lovely to have new blood in the NBO - the total roll call now exceeds 30 fine players of good Australian Colonial folk music.  Keep an eye, and an ear out for them on the weekend.

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