29 July 2010

Pics from the Festival

Gradually we will get more pics from the festival up on the blog. Here is a selection of photos that were taken by Kel Griffin (www.lookingatyouphotography.com). Kel heard about the festival and was interested to do a study of the fiddlers. These images give a sense of the concentration and enjoyment of the players who performed at the festival. Many thanks for your time Kel - we love your photos!
More Festival photos.

26 July 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra July 26 - A Finely Tuned Group Indeed

Driving past Outlets on Monday night with the radio down one is always drawn by the Sirens' call of the Newport Bush Orchestra - sweet music and toe tapping tunes. The pictures tell the story - 20 people playing as one, bringing the history of Australia's musical past to life, and enjoy the pleasure of making music. Not much wonder they are ready to set off to the National next year and other festivals and events besides. This sort of thing needs to be shared around, and by the sounds of their calander of engagements it will be: Maldon Folk Festival, the Altona Rotary Art Show, the Polly Woodside are just a couple of the places where the NBO has been asked to bring their special brand of joy in the form of Australian colonial music. This is what Julia means by going forward .................... maybe they'll get a gig at the election Party!

Present: Alasdair Mc C, Bruce W, Catherine D, Chris K, Christine H, Christina P, Dave I, Greg O'L, Helen H, Julie R, Kathryn T, Kerry, Michael D'V, Mira M, Olivia V, Simon D, Wendy L.

Tunes: Yip I Addy I Ay, Wa La Wap A Ping, Le A Le A La, Father Last September Piggle Noir, Watermelon Vine.

July 26 2010 NBO pics 2

23 July 2010

New Building in Paine Reserve

Hobsons Bay City Council is planning a new "Youth, Library and Seniors Facility" in Paine Reserve Newport. The existing Seniors Centre and Library will be demolished to make way for a new 2-storey building and the Community Hall building will be refurbished and reconfigured.

This will mean changes for the NFFC as 2 facilities we currently use (the Newport Community Hall and the Seniors Centre hall) will no longer exist. Plans for the new building include 2 halls.

Council has published concept plans on its website and is inviting public comment and suggestions until 23 August.

20 July 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra 19/07/10

Present: Alasdair, Bruce W, Catherine D, Chris K, Christine H, Christina P, Dave I, Greg O'L, Helen H, Julie R, Kerry, Leonie K, Lyn S, Mira M, Simon D, Wendy L, Gyrah A, Czarlene A, Zion A, Zymone A, Czarina A, Athaliah A.

We looked at an old music hall tune called 'Yip I Addy I Ay' and then reviewed the following tunes: Stan Treacy's Mazurka, Sally Sloane's Mazurka, Old Schoolmaster, Uncle Alfies tap and God Bless You and Bugger Me. A very productive evening.

Bruce W

12 July 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra - Term 3 has Begun!

Indeed it has!

Present: Present: Greg O, Chris K, Bruce W, Wendy L, Simon D, Christina, Alasdair, Kathryn T, Helen, Annette J, Julie, Helen H, Catherine, Christine H, Helen, Mira, Fiona, Lynne, Dave, Michael DV, and Kerry.

We looked at a wonderful new tune: Stan Tracey's Mazurka in G.

After the break we discussed upcoming gigs which include: Breizoz in September, Governor La Trobe's Cottage gig in October, a gig at the Seaworks Art Show and the possibility of applying for both the National Folk Festival and Maldon Folk Festival.

We also discussed the notion of focusing more on Australian, and even Victorian tunes over the next 6 months.

All in all - a great night with lots of positive input from members.

Bruce W

04 July 2010

Fantastic Festival!

This year's Festival was a ripper. Every event was well attended, the weather was kind to us and the range of performers was extraordinary. From yodellers to classical, from kids storytelling to life drawing, from tales of the Scottish Jacobite Rebellions to a Finnish choir, the third Newport Folk Festival had it all.

(Were you there? Want to give some feedback? Leave a comment below.)

Friday Night Slideshow
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Saturday Slideshow
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Sunday Slideshow
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Lester dancing at the Substation Market
(Click on photo for Youtube video)

01 July 2010

Festival Time is Here

Our third annual festival opens tonight at Newport Bowling Club, kicking off at 6:30.

Some final rehearsals were happening last night at the Substation...I hope everyone else is getting as excited as I am!

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