31 October 2010

The Folk Club, Celebrations, Batons, The Cup and More

Friday October 30th - auspicious enough date for a music session in Newport, though indeed not just music. Lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones, guitars, fiddles, bass, lap steel guitar, mandolins, tin whistle and few tapping feet and a baton ............

Celebrations? Lovely that the October session coincided with Greg O'Leary's birthday (numbers less important when over 50) and we all sang and cheered to wish him well for another grand year of music making in the Newport Area. Greg's contribution to the cultural life of Newport has been magnificent and we are very lucky to have him as a member of the folk club. Three Cheers!

Baton? It is only recently that the Newport Bush Orchestra has mused that sometimes, it would be useful to have a conductor. Catherine Tomkins leapt at the apparent void (or into?) and declared that this was a role that she would like to take on. So on Friday night the folk club presented her with a fully professional conductor's baton and asked that she demonstrate her newfound skills. Catherine was slightly embarrassed at first, but after 'Happy Birthday' had been played with such style, she was ready to take on a few NBO tunes, providing clear directions re tempo, intonation to all and sundry (but particularly to Greg O). Well done Catherine - you have always conducted yourself with such enthusiasm for the music, we look forward to hearing you lead the NBO from time to time.

While we are on the baton, wiki dates the use of the baton back to the 16th Century by nuns in San Vito Lo Capo but it really became fashionable after Jean-Baptiste Lully was conducting 'a Te Deum' on 8th January 1687. He was beating time with a long staff (as was the custom) and hit his toe. The toe developed an abscess ( which he foolishly didn't treat), then it became gangrenous (which he refused to have amputated) and so he died just 2 month later on March 22. The baton was then seen as a much safer option!

The Cup? Melbourne Cup season brought out some equine poems from Dave and Jackie, with Jackie and props performing her 'Phar Lap the Wonder Horse'. We were swept up with the ascent and came back down to earth with the sad descent of our most famous horse. Bravo Jackie!

WHat else? Lots of good music, poetry, new connections a cup of tea and a biscuit with Terry as always in charge of the kitchen. A lovely evening of people forming a community around music. See you at the end of November for the final session of the year.

24 October 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra October 18

Present: Alasdair McC, Annette J, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce W, Catherine D, Christine H, Christina P, Greg O'L, Julie R, Kathryn T, Kerry D, Lyn S, Mira M, Wendy L, Zion A and the girls.

Tonight we ran though 'Girl on the Hill' and reviewed 'Hilarity'.


18 October 2010

Second Newport Open Stage a smash hit

Round two for our monthly Newport Open Stage was an even better night, with great performances, much variety, sad songs, much laughter, tall stories, and mood lighting and candles! With food and drink abounding, is there a better way to spend a Friday evening? No, I think not!

So, as evidence, here are some photos for your edification. And if you haven't been yet, what on earth are yo
u waiting for? Climate change is coming so don't wait around, you might as well enjoy yourself


16 October 2010

Bush Orchestra Monday 11/10/10

Present: Alasdair McC, Annette J, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce W, Bryan Davison, Catherine D, Christine H, Christina P, Dave I, Fiona C, Greg O'L, Helen C, Julie R, Kathryn T, Kerry D, Leonie K, Lyn S, Nira M, Wendy L

Tonight we ran though thee tunes that we will be doing at the upcoming Seaworks gig. Greg also reintroduced us to a tune many of us had learnt ages ago, but hadn't played for ages; Thomas Collins Scottische.


Music on Mason 16 October

Somebody 'up there' must love music...despite dire forecasts and threatening clouds there was more sunshine than rain between 10am and 1pm as musicians from all over Newport gathered at Paine Reserve for another Music on Mason.

Sister Dahl kicked off with a bracket of old favourite tunes, with Michael filling in on guitar at a moment's notice...that's why they were calling out the key before each song!

Then it was Greg H and Steve, who have forged a wonderful musical partnership, with Steve weaving the bass lines around Greg's voice and guitar...great listening!

The Tin Pan Cowboys followed and many a "yee-hah" was heard as they galloped through a bracket of country favourites, including the classic Rawhide.

Then it was the kids' turn. The Newport Lakes Primary School band filled the stage to overflowing and they are sounding great! The Batman theme was particularly memorable.

Finally the musos from the Theatre Research Institute launched into a tango number which then turned into an extended jam session with kids, parents and everybody else joining in.

Wonderful to hear musicians from several generations jamming together in the park, and we look forward to those young musicians keeping live, local music going in Newport into the future!

Newport Bush Orchestra at Seaworks - Rotary Art Show

The Bush Orchestra provided the sort of rollicking good time music that perfectly matched the mood and setting of the Gala Opening of the Rotary Art Show. This has become an annual gig for the NBO and they can be seen in full flight below - tunes, join in songs (Heave Away - Haul Away) and even a couple of dances. 16 members of the NBO dressed the part and had a heck of a good time - heavy rain on the roof of the tin shed notwithstanding. While the players wondered about the acoustics, a number of the guests to the Art Show came up afterwards and said how they loved the music and it made it such a successful evening - lively and spirited, and lots of red dots on the paintings a.nd other art work. Well done to Greg and Bruce and the team.

The Bush Orchestra at La Trobe's Cottage

On Sunday 3rd of October, members of the Bush Orchestra provided music for the annual historical reenactment 'the return of Governor La Trobe to his cottage'.

This is organised by an associate group of the National Trust - Friends of La Trobe's Cottage (http://www.foltc.latrobesociety.org.au/events.html). The event was lovely, the weather and surroundings beautiful and the company fine! We even got Governor La Trobe to pose with the Bush Orchestra - talk about living history! Here is an excerpt from a letter of thanks from the Chair of the Friends of La Trobe's Cottage: 'Thanks again so much for your enthusiastic participation in our event today. You all looked terrific and your music was beautifully played, and I imagine, carefully selected – you led it all beautifully. It added so much to the whole day.'

05 October 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra October 4

Present: Alasdair McC, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce W, Bryan Davison, Catherine D, Christine H, Christina P, Fiona Chircop, Julie R, Kathryn T, Kerry D, Leonie K, Lyn S, Wendy L, Gyrah A, Czarlene A, Zion A, Zymone A, Czarina A, Athaliah A.

Well, Term 4 got off to a very pleasant start as we basked in the glow of a fun gig for the La Trobe's Cottage 176th anniversary on Sunday arvo. Well done to all players. We had a great time and the organisers were very pleased.

After our glow subsided we got down to work polishing up 'Whisky Before Breakfast' and reviewing a number of tunes from last term.


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