27 June 2010

Images from Kilmore Celtic Festival

It might have been cold up at Kilmore on the weekend (as it always is) but the celtic music was hot and strong. Two of the headline acts at Kilmore (both coming down to Newport next weekend) were Braemar and Red Cat.

Here they are pictured in full flight for our festival next weekend. Red Cat, with Kerry Dawson, Rob Carrol and Mike Daley are a treat with their range of songs and beautiful harmonies, and Eddie and Marc, of Braemar, supported by Geoff on Pipes and Colin McLeod on fiddler finished the festival with all the passion and vocal strength that they are renowned for.

Pictured centre are friends Bill and Tot, of Warnambool with their great mates Marcia and John from Doncaster. They came to Kilmore specifically to see Braemar, and were very disappointed that prior commitments mean they can't come to Newport next week. However they put the first weekend in July in their diaries for 2010 and have got on to the mailing list to hear about all the good music that is happening down this way. Welcome to our website folks and we look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

24 June 2010

The Music Continues ../...

What's This Chris?

Friday morning in Newport and Chris and friends are up playing the Bush Orchestra tunes on Newport Station - at 7.30 in the morning! It just so happened that there was a cameraman who said he was from abc or something like that and asked if he could film , record - and maybe even put it on the news. That was all the encouragement these guys needed - and so they had the commuters tapping their feet, school kids throwing coins in the fiddle case, and lots and lots of smiles. Music is certainly the tonic that is needed on a grey day, or any day. Maybe this will be a regular feature of travel in the area.
Watch abc news tonight at 7pm and see what happens....

16 June 2010

The Uke Workshop - The Pictures Tells the Story!

The Scout Hall has become another very musical venue in Newport. Last Saturday Alison Dew ran the Uke Workshop and from 1 - 4pm she had 14 players developing their skills. Alison was ably assisted by Rob Broatch on the guitar who provided contrast of sound and 'fills' to complete the soundscape. Catherine and her mate (on the left) are abviously enjoying themselves while the rest of the front row are hard at it - concentrating fully on every note they play. Well done Alison for such a successful workshop. People who come to the festival will be able to see the ukes in action at the Newport Bowling Club on Saturday July the 3rd from 2.30 - 3.30. If you bring your Uke there will be opportunities to join in and play along - without an instrument you will still be able to join in the singing (and the Yodelling that will be part of the session). See you there.

14 June 2010

Another Top Night at Breizoz!

Last Thursday continued the tradition (nearly 3 years old?) of Breizoz providing the perfect setting for musicians and friends to get together and enjoy a lovely evening of live music up close and personal. Simon Leverton started off proceedings with a set of old and new songs (including one of Simon's originals, and one from his folkie hero Nick Jones). After a short break it was up to Dave Isom to lead proceedings. Dave was ably supported by his band of merry men (Don Gula on Bass, Ian Tritt on Mando, Alex Black on Fiddle and Ian Mallard on Tin Whistle) and they played a delightful set of songs and tunes. Dave and Ian Mallard are original members of the Bushwackers and the spirit of that group came through strongly in a few of the dance sets, with Dave showing off his recently developed fiddle playing -pretty impressive. Dave sang Slim Dusty's first song (Rain Tumbled Down in July), recited a piece about his first time (Milking a Cow), and told a few stories in between. It was a lovely evening of music - we can all look forward to many more.

09 June 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra Monday 07/06/10

Present: Greg O, Chris K, Bruce W, Wendy L, Simon D, Christina, Alasdair, Leonie, Kathryn T, Bruce S, Helen, Annette J, Marilla H, Julie, Helen H, Catherine, Rhonwyn, Gyrah, Czarlene, Zion, Zymone, Czarina, Athaliah, Helen, Annette, Mira and Kerry.

Tonight we ran through some key tunes for the Newport Folk Festival Bush Dance - to be held on Saturday 3/6/10. Tunes studied were - Brown Jug Polka, God Bless You and Bugger Me, Troika, and that staple of all great get togethers - the Chicken Dance! Roll on Bush Dance. Get your legs moving and wings flapping!!

A quick reminder that there will be no Bush Orchestra rehearsal on the Queen's Birthday holiday - Mon. 14/6/10. We look forward to seeing everyone the following Monday 21/06/10


07 June 2010

Newport Community Choir at the Thanksgiving Festival

As mentioned in the "7 Days in Newport" post, the choir sang at the Hobsons Bay Churches Thanksgiving Festival on Saturday 29 May. The rain held off long enough for us to sing outside under the big tree at Paine Reserve. We had a good time and the audience said lots of nice things so we must have sounded OK...

06 June 2010

Who's Coming to the Newport Folk Festival?? (July 2 3 4)

Garry and Georgia Rose will be performing at the Newport Bowling CLub Sunday 4th, 12 - 1pm. Garry is Mr Briagalong Bush Band, having lead the band for 30 years and still going strong (they had a gig down at Loch Sport on Saturday). At the festival Garry will perform his own material and will be ably supported by Georgia, his 14 year old daughter who can play a couple of tunes on the fiddle. Georgia was granted the Billy Moran scholarship down at Koroit last year and so it will lovely to see this young girl perform to an appreciate Newport audience. We look forward to having you down this part of the world. See you then.

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