15 February 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra February 14th 2011

Present: Alasdair, Anette, Bruce S, Bruce W, Chris K, Christine H, Christina P, Dave, Frances, Greg O, Helen C, Helen H, Julie, Kathryn, Kerry, Leonie, Lorraine, Marilla, Rob R, Simon D, Trevor, Wendy L,

We kept up the frenetic pace tonight and learnt 'Jinker's Hi Ho', 'Me & My True Love', 'Step It Out Mary' (1'st two parts), 'Harry McQueenn's Set Tune', 'McGlashen's Step Clog'. We also welcomed two newcomers: Frances, who wowed us with her versatility on squeezebox and a variety of recorders, and Lorraine, who travelled all the way from the other side of the bay to be with us! Welcome to you both. Overall, it was a very productive evening and in the post tea-break session we went wild with all sorts of weird and wonderful tunes, key changes and even had a bash at turning marches and reels into jigs for fun.

For those who may not know it, the Newport Bush Orchestra now has its own web site with the tune book in PDF form, additional tunes and MP3's to download - all for free!

Also, this coming Sunday at 11.30 am, our own Greg O'Leary will be running an Australian Fiddle Tunes Workshop with one of Australia's iconic fiddlers Tom Walsh. This will be part of the 'Blackwood Fiddlers Convention'. They will probably look at tunes such as: 'Me and My Truelove', 'Hilarity', 'The Old Schoolmaster', 'Mr Gallagher and 'Mr Sheen' and more. I'm going to be there for sure.

Well that's it for now. See you in the soup!

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