07 February 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra - Term 1: 2011 (Year 6)

The Newport Bush Orchestra settled into their first practice session for 2011 last night (Monday Feb 7). The have moved residence and now practice in the Newport Community Hall (17 Mason St, Newport). This is a bigger room than at Outlets and so suits the growth of the NBO - who had a roll call of 20 players last night. As always the music and the vibe was lively and upbeat - not surprising after having kicked off the year with 2 triumphs (Logan Reserve and the Shenandoah launch). There is a trip up to Maryborough coming up soon, followed by performances at the National Folk Festival in Canberra and no doubt other gigs that will come along. Its worth noting that the Bush Orchestra was established in early 2006 - and so this is the beginning of the NBO's 6th year - time flies when your having fun! Its now fair to say that the NBO is a local institution that contributes to the cultural life of our community. Let's see what the year brings.

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