28 February 2012

BO Term 1 Session 4 2012

Session 4 was very successful in that we recorded Hilarity and the Rodoni Tunes. It was very intense as everyone upped their concentration to record levels.
For the next session(5)we will be doing the Trentham/McQueen/Magpie set and the Cunamulla/Vegemite/Herb's set.
Please work on them both ,the audio of each is on the Tunes site . Please feel free to use the sheet music as an aid for recording.
I hope to get both sets done but it will depend on how well we do the unfamiliar tunes.
I am finding this process to be envigorating and more to the point ...enjoyable.
Session6 will be polkas
Old Schoolmaster/God Bless You/Step Iy Out Mary
Girl On The Hill /Jack and Lil /Och Nee Ochen Sue
Present:Alasdair McCallum, Anette Johansson, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams, Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary,
Helen Cahun, Julie Rees, Kathryn Tomkins, Michael de Valle, Rhonwyn Chesley, Simon Dew, Simon Leverton, Trever Hawksworth.


24 February 2012

Club Night February

An eclectic night as usual with some new faces and old favourites. Alan kicked things off with Those Were the Days (singalong guaranteed!) and then newcomer Rose wowed us with a song whose name I've forgotten but Eamonn and a few others obviously knew it as they joined in on recorder and guitars. Eamonn's collection of recorders, tin whistles and suchlike get bigger every time we see him!

Alisdair takes the prize for the smallest instrument ever played at the Folk Club - a tiny 4-hole harmonica from which he managed to coax a couple of old dance tunes in fine style. The biggest Folk Club instrument was also present, as Steve turned up with his double bass.

It was a big night for the ukuleles too, with newcomer Noeline giving us Enjoy Yourself and Morningtown Ride on her f-hole ukulele. Is there no end to the variation in these little instruments? Danny played one emblazoned with cricket and beer symbols! And Gail gave us Baker Street on her uke, backed by Rick P. on slide guitar.

There were trios and quartets of various combinations, from a woodwind quartet to a string trio (which probably doesn't normally include a guitar but that didn't bother Moira, Nicola and Rick.)

Mark kept us amused with one of his witty original songs, this one about the contrast between Christmas in his native England and here in Australia.

Poetry was also well represented, with Dave giving us Henry Lawson's The Fire at Ross's Farm and The Grog an' Grumble Steeplechase, and Jayne peforming her original How to Play the Ukulele, with help from Mark and Annemarie - true performance poetry!

There was yodelling, 2 cellos, Russian folk songs, Ted's wonderful finger-picking and lots more. We wound up at about 11pm with The Footscray Song from Michael. It's about time someone wrote a song about Newport!

23 February 2012

Choir sounding great

The Newport Community Choir is back in full swing with a new song (the 1975 Skyhooks classic Horror Movie) plus a whole lot of old numbers from last year that we're revisiting after a long break. Our body percussion skills are improving too! Welcome to our new members, great to have some new faces. Come and join us, all are welcome!

21 February 2012

BO Term 1 Session 3 Feb 20 2012

More Recording
We covered the Gervasoni and Helen's heart Waltzes and practised next week's tunes Hilarity and The Rodoni Set.

The next up sets are the jigs
Cunamulla/ Vegemite/ Herb's
Trentham (aka Mrs Semmen's), Harry McQueen's, Magpie.
The group sound is excellent and we definitely will be able to use the tracks we have laid down.
Some things can be improved though (as always) and I won't put them here rather. can look to you email for helpful hints.
Things are going so well I am thinking of trying to add another set per week to do. We dont have any audio to show you yet. This stuff takes ages and Bruce is gearing up for mixdown as I type.
please just keep on doing what you are doing and well have an album in no time....one we can all be proud of.
Present: Alasdair McCallum, Anette Johansson, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams, Chris Knoop,
Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary, Helen Cahun, Julie Rees,
Kathryn Tomkins, Kerry Duke, Michael de Valle, Rhonwyn Chesley, Simon Dew,Simon Leverton,
Wendy Love, Trevor Hawksworth. (thanks Christine)
please pay up if you haven't already I don't want to irritate our money collector!

19 February 2012

BO Term 1 Session 2 13 feb 2012

The Bo began the task of recording our album with 2 successful sets and a ripping practice for the next session.
Laid down were the Black Cat set and The Mazurkas. Next we will taclke the Gervasin and Helen's Heart Waltzes and practice Hilarity and Rodoni set for the week after. All old and current BO players are invited to attend whatever sessions they can to take part in the recording. Your contribution will be acknowledged on the C.D. Those attending the occasional session can just pay for the nights they attend.
The blog will let you know what is being recorded from week to week.

Attending on Feb 13 were: Alasdair, anette, Bruce Stanbury, Chris Knoop, Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary, Helen Cahun, Julie ?Rees, Kathryn Tomkins, Kerry, Marilla, Michael de Valle, Wendy Love, Trevor, Simon Leverton

Live@Newport back in fine form

The first Live@Newport for 2012 was a cracker, with 2 wonderful duos on the bill. Sunny and Cloudy started off with their musical reminiscences, all the way from their blues roots to lounge songs, beat poetry and back to the blues. Their signature tune Mighty Murky Muddy Dirty Maribyrnong will not soon be forgotten!
After a break for pizzas (yum!) we heard from the Tall Boys - these guys have been playing gigs for quite a while now and they just keep getting better. Greg's voice and virtuoso guitar is perfectly complemented by Steve's soulful double-bass. See photos below.
Next month - Nick Charles supported by Rick and Nicola - don't miss it!

16 February 2012

NFFC in the local paper

This week's Hobsons Bay Leader features the Club in two places!
Greg Hammond (long-standing member and half of the Tall Boys) appears on Page 2 (see article online) and pops up again on Page 7 (see article online) along with Steve Martin (the other Tall Boy) and Sonny (alias Greg Jenkins) from the blues duo Sonny and Cloudy.

07 February 2012


A cracking start to the year!

Attended:Greg, Alasdair,Mike de Valle,Kathryn, (passed her L plate test 94% we hear!),Simon L, Wendy, Marilla,Bruce S Chris K Chris H, Bruce W, Simon D, Kerry, Trevor, and a guest from Honk Kong Morris, Dave.

The night was used to experiment with recording our first sets. The results were gratifying as Bruce could play them back to us immediately. We played a few non BO tunes as a courtesy to our guest and settled into our tea break chatter and all.

The first set we boiled down to
black cat x2 rita bakers x2 syd briggsx2 , the Mp3 will go up on our tunes site CLICK HERE (and look under BUSH ORCHESTRA PRACCY SETS 1 AND 2) for all to practise at leisure. Ditto for the nest set, 3 mazurkas once each, Stan Treacey's, Sally Sloan's, Gordon Lyall's, also on the tunes site.
Next weeks tunes will be a couple of waltzes, the Gervasoni Waltzes and Helen's Heart Waltz.
A rough plan is to practise for the first 40 min, tea break and try to record for the second 40 min.

06 February 2012

Newport Bush Orchestra - Taking a Break from Recording

The Newport Bush Orhestra hit the ground running tonight and started work on the first track of their CD of tunes and dances of Australia. Leader Greg O'Leary had everyone up to speed very quickly and sound engineer Bruce Williams was on the dials to make sure that the music was being captured 'just so'. After a quick break it was back to business. It will be interesting to see how the NBO is going 8 weeks down the track as the pressure is on to complete all tracks - probably pretty relaxed actually as that it the nature of the group. Apart from recording the group has the Newport Lakes Bush Dance to prepare for (March 16, 4pm) and no doubt a few other local gigs that will inevitably pop up between now and then. All on track for great year of music making with the NBO.

02 February 2012

Choir back for 2012

The Newport Community Choir is back in fine form for 2012. With a few regular members unable to come this week we were down to 17 singers but it was great to have a couple of newcomers - welcome Lizzy and Emily! We started off with a new song - the Skyhooks classic Horror Movie. Sounding good already. Anyone who feels like singing and is free on Wednesday nights - come and join us!

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