21 December 2011

Christmas Carols 2011 - Pics 2

Carols at the Substation was a lovely night - lots (and lots) of people, 2 schools (Newport Lakes and Newport Gardens) 1 community group (The Karen Choir) and of course many NFFC'ers playing (the Carols Orchestra) and Performing (Ukulele Dolls, Powder Room Secrets) and many friends. What a great way to complete the musical year. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Carols 2011 - Pics 1

13 December 2011

The Carols Orchestra - A Bit Blurry but ......

21 November 2011


Present: Bruce S, Dave, Kathryn, Trevor, Holly, Alasdair, Simon L, Simon D.
We worked on McGlashan's Third Figure of the lancers. Bruce S suggested it and a good suggestion it was. It involves 4 parts with two parts incorporating motifs that are unusual and a bit challenging. We took a while to cover it all putting Holly through a rough patch as she has only recently joined. We discussed chords and how to use visual devices to assist in memorizing tunes. After the break each member chose a tune to play.

BO Term 4 Session 6 14 Nov

I left the post too late to remember all present. We had 12 participants. The tune we mainly worked on was Hilarity , trying to develop the chords as we have has 2 versions for some time. Anyway, we are going with the chords Bruce Williams modified. We then went round the room each person picking a tune to work on. Finally we looked at a Scottish Jig, Calliope House a very popular tune at Irish sessions.

The Newport Bush Orchestra - Making Music Every Monday

Monday night and the Bush Orchetra are playing - the new accomodation works well and the sound is fantastic (as a recording of tonight's playing will show when Alan finds a way to upload it). Lots and lots of tunes (not just the Black Cat Kathryn!) and Newport is the beneficiary of this lovely vibe coming from Outlets. All that hard work has certainly paid off dividends.

Music on Mason - Saturday the 19th of Nov

Lots of music on Mason St this Saturday. The folk club officially launched the Bushers Stage made by guitarist and carpenter extrordinaire Ted Smith (have a look at the plaque next time you are at Sammy's) and Ted and the Ukulele Dolls played a set each to get things going. We then had the future of music in Newport with the Newport Lakes PS singers (pictured) and children from Newport Gardens PS performing songs and pieces from this year's musical. In amongst it all the Tin Pan Cowboys got up on stage and ran through a couple of tunes. The pictures show the weather (bleak, and mild to heavy rain) but this didn't dampen our parade. The Ted Stage is fully weather proof, accomodates a full pa and foldback, so we ensured that all of Newport knew that there was mutsic on. There were plenty of proud smiles from the parents, and lots of interests from the cars driving by (and their passengers). Their expressions seemed to suggest a mood of 'Who would have thought??'. Anyway its now about 5 years since the first Music in Mason (a tradition!) - the stage is literally set for anyone who wants to get up and play. Test it our when you are out buying bagels.

20 November 2011

Music on Mason

Saturday morning's rainy outlook was brightened up in Mason Street by a Music on Mason session organised by the NFFC. Ted Smith performed on his now eponymous stage, which was officially opened before the music commenced complete with brass plaque.

Other appearances included the Ukelele Dolls, Newport Gardens p.s., Newport Lakes p.s and the Tin Pan Cowboys who were warming up for the Big West Festival on Sunday at the Substation.

15 November 2011

Newport Choir at the Big Sing at the Big West Festival 2011

The Newport Choir rehearsed for weeks to be part of the Big Sing at the opening of the big West Festival.

We joined with other choirs to form a choral group of 200 voices: Kensington, Laverton, Willin Women, Voice, Altona Sirens, Sunshine Sings, Brimbank Multicultural Choir, I'm Singing in Sunshine, Footscray City PS, Three Trees, Gilmore Girls and the Western English Language School! It wouldn't surprise me if there were others.

The purpose of the mass choir was to support MASSIVE, Australia's first hip hop choir.

Initially MASSIVE travelled around to choirs clustered in their regions to rehearse in manageable sized groups. The final rehearsal was held in the Newport Substation and at last we could appreciate the gigantic concept behind the event. This was a multigenerational, multilingual, multicultural extravaganza: fresh rap lyrics, original beats, body percussion and Polynesian traditional dance.

I managed a few photographs for the Club blog of both the Substation gathering and the show. This was just too good to let pass with sharing.

Being in the mix of such a big sound and powerful rhythm has confirmed in me that it is possible to fly without leaving the ground!

Enjoy ...

Jackie Kerin (soprano Newport Community Choir)

12 November 2011

Ned Comes to Newport

On Friday 11th November I went to see Ashley Davies' 'acclaimed multimedia production of Ned Kelly which re-tells the story we all think we know. Featuring a live, six piece band, performing with projected archival images and a recorded narration by Ian Jones, Australia's foremost Kelly historian. This moving presentation evokes all the emotions and drama of this haunting saga'. I took Georgina to give her a break from her study and she asked me what was the show - I had to say I didn't really know. When we got there the Substation was set up in carabet mode (seats and tables - about 12o people including some local hot guitarists - curious!). The show started off with a folk duo who were great and after a break the light went out and then on came the band - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, violin keyboards and full drum set (I think the drummer was Ashley Davies who wrote the show).
It started off with some slides and footage of the bush (in color) and then went to b&w - some narration (recorded) and then some slides of text - then the band got going. It was soon clear why the hot musos were in the audience - these were serious players who provided the sound track to the text and occasional narration. Each section was divided into chapters (The Mad Dream Becomes a Nightmare / Dancing on The Coffin) and so it had the feel of an oratorio without the singing. The music stood on its own (I would have bought the cd if it was on offer) but its impact on the story was strong and evocative - Jerrilderie, Ned being chased, the last stand, The court were all brought to life for the 1.5 hours of the show. Fantastic - not a hero worshopping or condemning of Ned, just the story within its context to give us an insight into the life and times of Ned in Victoria during his lifetime.
Well worth seeing if it comes together again.
to read more http://www.mattwalkerandashleydavies.com/maash_hit_of_the_festival.htm

11 November 2011

BO at Diggers Rest 12 Nov 2011

Present: Fiona,Trevor, Mike de V, Bruce S, Llyn S, Christina S, Neil, Maryanne, Rob, Annette, Alasdair and Greg.
Bruce W got stuck in a traffic snarl and our erstwhile folk club president forgot.
The function was for Extended Families, an organization set up to assist families with disabled children by building mentoring relationships with the kids.
So we were doing a good thing!
The venue was the Animal farm at Diggers rest.
The sun was shining the birds tweeting and the sausages sizzling as we arrived. By the time I got there, the music had already started and it rolled on for about 2 hours to a very appreciative and enthusiastic audience. Tunes were played and songs were sung, tea was consumed and snags demolished. All too soon it was time to pack up. If only all our performances were as pleasant.
Thanks to those who turned up, many form long distances and a very well done to all of us! There was talk of getting us to do a bush dance for them next year.

Open Stage 11 11 11

The final Newport Open Stage for 2011 was held on the magically auspicious 11/11/11. There were more than 11 acts, with performances by Phil, Ted, Bill and Gordon, Sunny&Cloudy, Tall Boys, Simon Kerr, Bruce+Leonie+Rob, Mira, Jane, Bruce W, Rob Richmond, Alan, and Simon L. This magical night ended after 11 with everyone looking forward to picking up once again in Feb 2012.


07 November 2011

BO SESSION 5 term 4 2011

Present: Bruce S, Kerry,Simon D, Simon L, Nancy, Fiona, Alasdair,Trevor,Kathryn,Chris H.
At Alasdair's suggestion we worked through Ten Pretty Girls, the tune I want to use for the Palais Glide. It would be great if we knew it for our March bush dance. Bruce suggested Stan Treacey's mazurka which we dealt with well. It was a bit of a grind as we had not been doing the tune learning thing for a while and the group took a while to get into a rhythm. It ended well with two tunes under the belt. We had time to go round the room each person suggesting a tune to revisit and before we knew it it was time.

02 November 2011

Fame in Bendigo is Gold!

The Newport Bush Orchestra with Greg and Alasdair featured in the local Bendigo paper entertaining at on the streets of Maldon for the Maldon Folk Festival. We'll have to get this v famous band to liven up the streets of Newport before the year is out. Thanks to Terry and Moira for locating the article.

01 November 2011

BO at williamstown LSC Cup Day

Present; Alasdair,Katherine,Rob R, Kerry, Chris H, Llyn,Chris K, Mike S, Mike de Valle,Steve M, Wendy L, Rhonwyn and Greg.
We performed at our now regular event organized by Katherine for the LSC. Matilda Simpson, another year older danced the Irish jig to our music and a few other kids joined in. We were left pretty much to our own devices as participants were few, so I conjured up and strung together about 40 tunes one after the other. It was brilliant. no rehearsal, no preparation but it sounded huge and coherent. I never cease to be amazed at the sound we can produce and the size of our repertoire.

BO at Maldon Folk Festival

Greg drove up to Maldon hoping to repeat our performance of 2009 where we raged all night playing endless Aussie and other stuff. Alas it was not to be. The weather and possibly the festival conspired to empty the main street of folks. Where once there were 200 strollers and buskers wandering and playing there were 60 not very enthusiastic folks promenading. We (Katherine, Jet lagged Rob, Alasdair, Steve and Annette) held our own for a few hours but the lack of atmosphere ran us down and after one really good session we fizzed out. it was still good to do but ....

BO Session 4 term4 2011

The BO session was held on the Monday before the cup so that although numbers were down we still managed a very productive session.
Alasdair,Katherine,Rob R, Ian, Nancy, Simon L, Rhonwyn, Marilla Trevor and Greg.
We added Bobby Shafto to our repertoire and coupled it with Jessica's mountain. We went 3 times round the group playing a tune of your choice and time went like lightening.

31 October 2011

October's Folk Club Session

Another lovely night of music -

Rob Durbridge down from the country obliged with old favourites 'I'd Rather Have Your Love' and 'Changi Banjo', Kathryn lead a set of bush orchestra tunes, a newly formed trio 'Powderroom Secrets' entertained with Patsy Cline a capella, Ted provided some fancy fingerpicking.

Being so close to the race, Jackie told her (now famous) story of Phar Lap, with props and the use of assorted assembled characters to bring Big Red's story to life. (Dave Davies also has a racehorse poem).

Bill Fields sang a Henry Lawson poem put to music by (Mr Redgum??) and there were a couple of originals - including one of Simon Kerr's that was a finalist in the Maldon Festival Songwriting Comp. Not sure how it ended up in the comp but it was a winner in Newport (a great song that left us wanting to know more about the angel in the Himalayas).

Chris got the hall singing to the old standard Blackbird and Rob and Greg Franklin swapped hot licks on a couple of tunes.

Eamon on the pipes (accompanied by Bill Fields on one tunes, and provided a haunting backing to a couple of the other songs, as did Richard on the cello. The resonation?? of the hall is often intruiging and it is hard to tell where the sounds are coming from (the hall, the instruments or the imagination).

Good tea coffee biscuits and fellowship completed the evening.

Always different and well worth the investment of time and a couple of gold coins.


30 October 2011

Maldon Folk Festival - The Instrument Maker's Exhibition.

Ah the un-sung heroes of the Folk Festival. The first link in the chain. Instrument makers.
And like good crafts-people everywhere, they have plenty of interesting stuff to share, and are usually up for a chat.

There were some beautiful instruments, and some really quirky stuff as well. My favourite stand was that of Bill Crocker's. Sitting amongst a table full of fiddles, bows, dulcimers etc, he muttered modestly, "oh I'm not really an instrument maker, I just make things for fun." 

This one is a fiddle. What type? Apparently it is an experimental fiddle. (My favourite type). It has the standard four strings, as well as four sympathetic strings on either side.

And what instrument collection is complete without a hurdy-gurdy?
 Bill had some tools you don't find in every bloke's shed.

A Dulcimer Clamp.

A Plate Thickness Tester. Yep, he invented this one. 
Another favourite stand was this one. Cigar Box Guitars!
A demo from the maker.
These are guitars made from cigar boxes. The work of Julian Whittaker. They were invented in the cotton fields of the Delta Region. Apparently the kids would hear the blues being played and make their own instruments. There were plenty of old cigar boxes lying about, so that's what they used. As the players of these fine gadgets moved on to Chicago, and perfected their craft, they became known as DeVille. (Meaning of the city).
As there are not so many empty cigar cases lying about these days, Julian makes his own. On display were some faithful replicas of the originals. And some with deviations and developments, where he has played around with the shape to produce different sounds. The final touches are some fabulous retro stickers from the cigar boxes of the time. Loads of fun.
Julian also makes some mighty fine guitars.
While I was researching the finer points of hurdy-gurdy construction, and tales from the cotton fields, Bruce was having some adventures too. He found a fret-less banjo. Made by Ray Black, you've gotta love his work. I couldn't find a website, but he makes superb banjos and mandolins.
Fret-less banjo.
He didn't want to put this one down. It is an Octave Mandolin, apparently very similar to a Mandola. Kind of a bass mando, as I understand it. Definitely the missing link in Bruce's instrument collection.
Octave Mandolin.
Ray Black with some of his work.
Some other instrument stands. I can't remember this maker's name, but his work was also quite superb. (Must do some further research). He made the Octave Mando, you can see it on the far right.
We found Ted testing the wares at the same table.
Watching a craftsman at work always makes me smile. Apparently he had an order that he had to have finished.
Its a bit like taking your knitting to work.

Stumbling out of the hall, with heads full of musical possibilities, who should we run in to? Tom Walsh, one of the gurus of our own Bush Orchestra.

25 October 2011

BO session 3 term 4 2011

Kathryn, Chris K, DaveI, Alasdair, Ian, Bruce S, Trevor, Kerry, Simon L, Nancy, Greg.
This session saw a number tune gone over:Uncle Affies, The Rodoni Set, The Chicken dance much to the chagrin of Dave I, Hilarity, The kerfunken Jig, The Trentham Jig.
Nancy, returning from a long absence valiantly chased the chords down, Trevor had done homework and it showed, Ian picked stuff up like lightning and we seemed to spend hours talking about violins.
Greg was pushing folks hard regarding chords, the results spoke for themselves as the rhythm section sounded clear and coherent, providing the strong base for the melody players. Well done all.
A reminder that the calendar says we are on for 31 October.

18 October 2011


Chris K, Alasdair, Simon D, Bruce S, Cathryn T, Kerry, Trevor, me.
At least we had a mixed gender group again.
After torturing the the rhythm section by running through the chords of a few tunes over and over, we went round the group one by one naming tunes to present. We managed about 24 of out tunes. This was excellent as a few had not been played for ages and needed a bit of tender coaxing to revive them. Chis Knoop showed us his $65 harp,mandolin ,guitar and picked out puff the magic dragon with bass. Sounded oddly good. we had the wrong key for our new hall but made do with the art room in Outlets. Small but enjoyable group. It goes to re-emphasise the flexibility of the BO when a subgroup can do so well.

15 October 2011

BO at Betty O'Leary's 100th Birthday

Sat Oct 15 saw a section of the Newport BO attend my mothers' 100th birthday.
Present Chris K,Chris H, Alasdair, Helen C, Llyn S, Maryanne C, Neil J, Bruce W, Don Gula, Steve M and Bruce S and me.
The ad hoc subgroup of the BO performed brilliantly, mixing songs and tunes effortlessly and providing a wonderful soundscape for the party as a whole. I expected the guests to be unreactive as they are mostly un-used to live music and generally don't know how to react but to my surprise we had a really positive response and even had spontaneous bush dancing going on. I stood back a bit and they happily continued on without my once indispensable leadership. The Orchestra has grown up and now looks after itself---a wonderful outcome. The guests loved it!
Thanks to all of them for being patient about the food and drink as it took ages to get sorted and thanks to them all on behalf of me, my brother and my 100yo mother for the contribution to the afternoon. It will be talked about for ages.
Greg O'L

13 October 2011

Bush Orchestra Session 1 Term 4 2011

The BO started the term in our new premises at Outlets CO-Op, a beautiful new hall at the front of Outlets. Thanks to Therese for making it available.
Attendees were Greg O'L, Dave I, Bruce S, Kerry D, Trevor H, Simon L, Chris K, Simon D. Alasdair Mc. Amazingly no females attended (first time ever).
We eased into the term by reviewing a few of the more recent tunes and a few of the oldies. Helen's Heart Waltz, Uncle Affie's Tap, The Rodoni Set, Joe Yate's Second Reel. Each person suggested a tune or set and we refreshed our knowledge of our repertoire in this fashion.
Thanks to Dave Isom and Helen Cahun for filling in while I was flat on my back.
I am looking forward to our summer season. Anyone having any ideas for public performance should contact me.
Thanks Greg

NBO Substation performance Oct 13 2011

The BO performed for the Hobson's Bay "Reinvent or Retire’ Community Forum and Information Expo" at the Substation on Thurs 13th. We were fantastic as usual.
personnel were.
Greg O'L, Dave I, Bruce S, Kerry D, Trevor H, Simon L, Chris K, Simon D. Maryanne C, Chris H. Alasdair Mc.
I am constantly amazed by the quality of the sound we make, and even more so as it was our first gig for ages. The sound in the reverberatory space of the substation was absolutely perfect for the occasion. The organizers looked after us and we easily managed 1 full hours worth of virtually non-stop playing. It is gratifying indeed to have people turn up time and time again for nix, and even more so in that the results are of such high quality. I think I am not telling tales to point out that the members possess varying degrees of skill and knowledge of the repertoire but the mix of players has always bee such that the combined sound is quite simply amazing. It was Simon Leverton's first public performance!. Well done Simon.

11 October 2011

Access All Areas

Some of the best music professionals in Melbourne’s western suburbs will combine for the Access All Areas workshop later this month.

The Newport Substation will resound to the voice of the massed choir on Sunday October 23, as they sing original music by local composer and Green Room award recipient Fiona Roake.

The floors will shake to the beat of local Stagecraft instructor Sara Grenfell, and local Breathworks practioner John Howard will breathe new life into the old brick building.

Tix $40/$35 available at www.accessallareasworkshop.eventbrite.com.au

10 October 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra Term 4 2011 - Let the Music Begin

The Newport Bush Orchestra fired up for term 4 last night at their new venue - the just completed Outlets Hall. Apart from being freshly painted, all shiny and new, the room has lovely bright acoustics and so the players really enjoyed the evening. To begin the new term Greg O'Leary is back (many thanks to Dave Isom for holding the reins last term) and it was an all men turnout so plenty of energy in the room. The NBO has its first gig this term on Thursday, providing music for the 'Retire or Reinvent' conference - apart from the music, the NBO will demonstrate the value of playing music as a post retirement occupation. Might even find a few takers to join the folk club and the NBO. The Bush Orchestra meets every Monday from 7.30pm. If you are interested in checking it out, just come along and say hello.

09 October 2011

Newport Strings go on tour

Newport Strings with guests Mark, Danny, Jennifer, Phillipa and Bernard put on a concert today to a full house at Millrose Gallery in Ballan. A big thank-you to everyone who participated, and to those who came up from Newport to join the locals in the audience. I thought it was a wonderful afternoon. Steve

[Click pic below to see picture album]

07 October 2011

The Newport Session @ Newport Bowls Club

A big thanks to all those who turned up for our first Celtic Session at the Newport Bowls Club last night. We had a solid 2 hours of tunes and songs, with stragglers lingering on until stumps (or whatever the bowling term is). Hope you can all come along again on 4th November. There’s a core list of tunes we’ll be drawing from to start things off (on this site), but come and play other ones too - the list will expand and change with time. Learning tip: youtube a tune and play along with the version that is at the right speed for you – over and over again! When these tunes start appearing in your dreams, you know you’re getting into the groove.

Simon Leverton

12 September 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra on the 12th of September

The Newport Bush Orchestra is alive and well though numbers have been a little down with some members being in warmer climes , overseas etc.

Our esteemed leader Greg is sounding more cheery and we all wish him a full recovery and hope to see him ‘back at the helm’ next term.

On Monday 12th. in attendance were Terry, Kerry, Christine, Fiona, Chris, Katherine, first time visitor Ian who played a very nice Martin tenor (4 string) guitar, yours truly, Dave and later in the evening Anette dropped in and regaled us with a spirited Swedish tune. El Presideto Michael Stewart and his dog dropped in to play a bit, listen and hit us with his fave song ‘Foot-is Gray’ which was new to some members (can you believe that !)

We went over some of the dance sets including the Gallopede, Brown Jug and Blaydon Races including Harry McQueen’s Jig in order to help reinforce the orchestra’s ability to play for bush dances. We also completed the trio set of Irish Polkas: Murphy’s, Dennis Murphy’s, and the Rose Tree which we’d been looking at over the last few weeks. We also revisited the lovely hornpipe ‘Nancy’ which has been a little challenging for some but we are getting there. Kerry led us with ‘Step it out Mary’ which was great as we were a bit rusty with that tune. Katherine played a lovely rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ which she is to play at her Aunt’s funeral this week(condolences Katherine),Chris K. with his enthusiasm played a number of tunes and newcomer to fiddle and NBO Fiona is making obvious progress.

The night was finished with Sally Sloanes, Uncle Affie’s Tap and Rita Bakers Polka.

(Don’t tell Greg but I’ve been allowing the newcomers to sneak a look at the music if they wish, to help get them going !)

Greg should be right for next term when he will steer us back on course to a purely Australian diet.

We may return to Outlets and into the newly built front room which looks great (through the window).

Who knows, we may not even have to sit on kindergarten chairs!


Dave Isom.

10 September 2011

Choir at The Substation

Along with the NFFC musicians who play regularly at the Substation Artists Market, the Newport Community Choir joined in the fun last weekend. Squeezing 16 singers into the space normally occupied by a trio was a bit of a challenge, but we got there. The acoustics of The Substation are particularly suited to choral singing, and even the stallholders and customers at the back of the hall (upstairs from where we were singing in the foyer) reported that the sound was wonderful. Singers and audience alike really enjoyed the performance. Due to popular demand, we'll be back!

28 August 2011

Science Class at Sacred Heart

A small contingent from NFFC visited Sacred Heart on Thursday 25th Aug to help out with a science lesson for the Grade 1/2s. Alison, Christine, Simon and Steve turned up with a small collection of instruments and did a 'show and tell' (and some playing) session for the kids. They have been learning about sound in science, and we were invited to explain and demonstrate with the use of tin whistles, ukeleles, fiddle and autoharp and double bass. The lesson was a great success, and I am sure NFFC will be called upon in future years to help out with some acoustic physics and physiology for the young scientists-to-be.


29 July 2011

Club night 29 July

It already seems such a long time since the festival, and definitely time for some more music in Newport. Despite Greg O'Leary's forced rest and a few regulars away at a reunion dinner, the hall was still quite full with many familiar faces and some newcomers.

There was plenty to listen to and participate with right from the start through to the end at 11 pm. Highlights for me included newcomer Dennis who performed a couple of familiar numbers, Mark singing one of his freshly penned comedy numbers "I want to sing in the opera", and Sarah and Bernard recently back from their tour of western Victoria performing Dark Eyes and A Whiter Shade of Pale. There was a song about sleep deprivation, poetry, boomwhackers, bush orchestra, blues and Elvis - nobody can say NFF club night is predictable!


19 July 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra Term 3, July 18, 2011

The BO is off and running again for Term 3.

Present: Helen,Simon, Chris K Chris H, Dave, Holly with baby Leonard and Hubby Simon, Kerry, Leonie, Annette, Fiona , Catherine, Simon Dew, Bruce S, Greg.

Not bad for a cold winters evening.

We looked at how to play harmony in thirds using the Black cat and Rita Bakers as tunes. We played a choice each to get the cobwebs out and relearned Gordon Lyalls Mazurka as an easy intro into the term.

A broad discussion re directions ensued and I passed on the request from my mothers nursing home for another performance as we had a great effect on the residents last time. Leonie suggested her mums establishment in Bacchus Marsh and Catherine ansd Annette knew of other homes worthy of our attention. We discussed a ball later in the year.

A lot of chat and playing in a convivial atmosphere and time shot by.

The term is 10 weeks long this time.

Greg O

12 July 2011

Festival photos

Lots of great photos from the Folk Festival now available...enjoy!



Click and hold down play button for 1 second to start slideshow


Click and hold down play button for 1 second to start slideshow

30 June 2011

If you happen wander down Newport way...

If you happen to wander down Newport way, you will notice a flurry of activity. Excitement is mounting as the time approaches.
We've rehearsed all that is rehearsable, tidied up our various venues, borrowed and tested all the equipment we will need, prepared our workshops, stocked up on Berocca...
Now we can all breathe a deep breath.
Its countdown time now, until we all march off like troopers to put on the best Newport Folk Festival ever.

PS. Don't miss the Choirs Festival on Sunday.

25 June 2011

A Rotunda for Newport??

A Rotunda is a great place for people to meet, for children to play, to take shelter from the weather, and to provide a stage for outdoor music concerts and other events.

Some folk at the club have been pondering this, and wondering whether it would be possible for Newport to have a Rotunda. There are plenty of people, lots of children, and many musicians who would enjoy an outdoor stage.

Where would it go?? What would it look like?? How would this be achieved?? These are good questions to ponder. To help the imagination along, we borrowed our neighbour's Rotunda for a few minutes to see what it would like, and how it would sit in Paine Reserve (actually it looks pretty good).

If you are interested in getting this process up and running, send in your ideas (words or pictures). There are many interesting designs and materials that could be used.

Let's have a think about it for a while ........................

23 June 2011

Nick Charles Workshop

Here are a couple of pics of the Nick Charles guitar workshop. 20 guitarists came along to play and learn and they were all very impressed with Nick's playing and his teaching - apart from specific techniques, the players all came to a deeper understanding of their instrument. We look forward to Nick's workshop and performance at the festival next week (Sunday July 3)

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