30 June 2011

If you happen wander down Newport way...

If you happen to wander down Newport way, you will notice a flurry of activity. Excitement is mounting as the time approaches.
We've rehearsed all that is rehearsable, tidied up our various venues, borrowed and tested all the equipment we will need, prepared our workshops, stocked up on Berocca...
Now we can all breathe a deep breath.
Its countdown time now, until we all march off like troopers to put on the best Newport Folk Festival ever.

PS. Don't miss the Choirs Festival on Sunday.

25 June 2011

A Rotunda for Newport??

A Rotunda is a great place for people to meet, for children to play, to take shelter from the weather, and to provide a stage for outdoor music concerts and other events.

Some folk at the club have been pondering this, and wondering whether it would be possible for Newport to have a Rotunda. There are plenty of people, lots of children, and many musicians who would enjoy an outdoor stage.

Where would it go?? What would it look like?? How would this be achieved?? These are good questions to ponder. To help the imagination along, we borrowed our neighbour's Rotunda for a few minutes to see what it would like, and how it would sit in Paine Reserve (actually it looks pretty good).

If you are interested in getting this process up and running, send in your ideas (words or pictures). There are many interesting designs and materials that could be used.

Let's have a think about it for a while ........................

23 June 2011

Nick Charles Workshop

Here are a couple of pics of the Nick Charles guitar workshop. 20 guitarists came along to play and learn and they were all very impressed with Nick's playing and his teaching - apart from specific techniques, the players all came to a deeper understanding of their instrument. We look forward to Nick's workshop and performance at the festival next week (Sunday July 3)

07 June 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra travelled down to Hampton on Sunday to entertain the folk at Hampton House. Greg O'Leary's Mother is a resident and so we have a strong connection with the place. Music was from 2 - 4, with a lovely afternoon tea in between. Nobody got up dancing to the tunes and songs, but they all loved hearing so much music being played - Marilla on harp, Neil and Maryanne leading some songs, and Greg at the centre of things making it all happen. A lovely way to spend time - sharing time and music.

06 June 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra Term 2 May 30th and June 6 2011

Present 6 June: Alasdair, Annette, Brian, Bruce S, Bruce W, Chris K, Christine H, Greg O, Helen C, Kathryn, Llyn S, Michael DV, Simon D, Simon L, Wendy.

Tonight we reviewed the tune that Helen taught us last week 'Gordon Lyle's Mazurka' and then Greg taught us a couple of new tunes - 'Bob in the Wash House' and 'Ten Pretty Girls'.

We then ran through about eight Tom Walsh tunes in preparation for the upcoming Newport Folk Festival.

Michael de Valle also reminded us about the upcoming Bush Dance for the Menzies Creek Primary School on Saturday 25 June at 6pm. We need all the players we can get and it should be a great night. I'll be emailing the orchestra with more information about the gig in the next day or so.

Present 30 May: Alasdair, Bruce S, Bruce W, Chris K, Christine H, Fiona C, Helen C, Kathryn, Kerry, Leonie, Llyn S, Michael DV, Rhonwyn, Rob R, Simon D, Simon L, Trevor, Wendy.

Greg was a bit crook tonight, so Helen Cahun ably stepped in and taught us all the lovely tune 'Gordon Lyle's Mazurka'. Thanks
Helen for doing such a great job at short notice.

As always, here's the link to the tunes and sheet music: click here


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