15 September 2009

Bush Orchestra Monday 14/09/09

Present: Greg, Michael, Annette, Kathryn, Pam, Rhonwyn, Marilla, Rob D, Wendy, Christine, Lynne, Neil, Chris, Simon D, Mary-Anne, Alasdair, Dave, Bruce, Nancy.

We had a great turnout for the last Bush Orchestra meeting for the Term. The melody crew worked on Captain Pugwash (the Trumpet Hornpipe) and the reel Wind That Shakes the Barley. The rhythm group worked on the 4 brackets that we'll be playing at the High-Vibes festival next Sunday (see info below). After the break, we ran the entire set for the dance again with all in. From where I was sitting it sounded pretty good!

High Vibes Festival Info

NBO playing the Northcote Town Hall
189 High St, Northcote

Sunday 20/09/09

More details: 

Firday 11 September - NBO plays at the opening of 32'nd Annual Hobsons Bay Art Exhibition

The Newport Bush Orchestra had them waltzing among the watercolours at the Rotary Club of Altona Inc. 32'nd annual art exhibition and sale on the weekend. The event was held at Seaworks in Williamstown and a great time was had by one and all.

Here's a short message from the Bush Orchestra's Grand Grump Greg O'Leary regarding the event:

I think the organisers were happy, we provided the perfect vibe for the eating areas and got a few ears to prick up, particularly the Gervasoni waltzes, Watching the Cattle and Capt. Pugwash. Again we coped well in a difficult environment for sound. Sorry about insistently insisting we get closer together, but at one point we had 2 orchestras, one on either side of me! Thanks Rhonwyn for having the bottle to perform with me as a duet, naked and out front so to speak. Thanks mightily for the members who dressed up. It makes such a difference to our overall presentation. Next time we will try to put the rhythm players in the centre and split the melody players either side so we keep better time. I will look around for a sensitive bodran player to help keep the beat. Thanks heaps to Neil who had the unenviable job of singing un amplified in a huge space. We will try to fix that next  time.

Signing off

Grumpy Greg O

08 September 2009

Bush Orchestra Monday 07/09/09

The Bush Orchestra group had a great turnout this evening. 

Present were: Greg O'L, Michael S, Michael (from Selby), Chris, Pam, Annette, Rhonwyn, Marilla, Greg Hammond, Kathryn, Rob Durbridge, Wendy Love, Simon Dew, Nancy, Mary-Anne, Leonie, Bruce and Alisdair.

The rhythm section group worked on Loch Lomond and Rd to the Isles and did a quick review of the jig set: Clare Jig, Herb's Jig and Cunnamulla Jig.

Greg's group worked on a new tune: The Wind that Shakes the Barley in D

After the break we all got together and played the following:

The Wind that Shakes the Barley D
Captain Pugwash (also known as The Trumpet Hornpipe) G
Blow the Man Down G
Loch Lomond and Rd to the Isles G
Bonaparte's Retreat D

We then jammed on the following tunes:

The Swimming Song G
She'Beg She'More   D
Whisky Before Breakfast D
Clinch Mountain Backstep A
Hard Times D

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