08 February 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra February 7th 2011

Present: Greg OL, Michael DV, Alasdair, Dave I, Trevor (new member), Kerrie, Simon D, Christine H, Kathryn, Christina, Wendy, Chris K, Rhonwyn, Annette, Helen H, Bruce S, Bruce W, Rob R, Alan D.

As mentioned below, we had a great turnout and got straight into it, with the new tunes coming thick and fast. We learnt 'McGlashen's Step Clog' in G, 'I Threw More Whitewash Over My Mother Than Over the Fence', also in G and finally 'Me and My True Love' in D. Trevor, a new member rose to the occasion and leapt right in amongst it with his guitar. Well done and welcome Trevor! As mentioned by Greg, we'll be in the Community Hall for the next few weeks. Looking forward to a great Term 1 followed by a fun time for all up at the National Folk Festival.

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