30 September 2012

Three Shades of Grey?

Here's one pic from Friday night's session - 'Three Shades of Grey' taken by Gerry Nelson.
It was a great night - very diverse, about 40 punters all came along to share and enjoy and recreate the Newport Musical Community. 
Gerry's pic gives rise to the thought that we could have a photographic exhibition at next year's festival - lovely pics of NFFC'ers and friends learning, making and enjoying music. Any takers??

16 September 2012

Landsbourough 150th - the NBO were there!

 The Newport Bush Orchestra were dispatched off to Landsborough to provide musical accompaniment for the Town's 150th Celebration.  Here are Maryanne, Wendy, Anette, Alastair, Neil and Bruce at the unvieling of the statue of William Landsborough, after who the town is named.  The NBO provded music at the pub on the Friday night, up for the unveiling at 10.30am before playing down the street, at the school, and then to open and close the concert on Saturday night.  A great success as always with songs and tunes and plenty of laughs to make for an entertaining weekend.  More photos to come.  Great for the folk club to be an exporter of culture - the NBO's next gig is up at Digger's Rest in November for the Family Fun Day at Animal Land Children’s Farm, Diggers Rest on Saturday 10th November so a few more musical miles for the NBO before the end of the year.  Well done!

05 September 2012

8 Years and Still Going Strong

Last Friday night was the 8th birthday of the folk club and we had a lovely night of music, poetry, some jokes and the traditional chocolate birthday cake with our cup of tea.  There was about 40 people all up - some first timers playing and singing (Adrian), telling jokes (Morrie), promoting their wares (Joe) and a few just keen to see what all the fuss is about.  One bloke who was there has just taken up the guitar (at 80 years old) - reckons he has plenty of time, and a good teacher in Brendan, so we look forward to hearing him play soon enough.  Lots of regulars - Dave with a couple of poems, Christine with a couple of musos backing her, Eamon playing some tunes solo and then gettting together with Bill and Gordon and  Alison to form a recorder consort, and Alison and Nola, fresh from yet another Ukulule Dolls gig, entertaining with some good time singalong songs.  No photos - will aim to get a couple next month - but the spirit of the night is hard to catch in a pic or in words - but its the thing - fresh, alive and unpretentious.  Let the adventure continue.

03 September 2012

Newport Bush Orchestra - from Spain to Newport to Landsborough

The Newport Bush Orhestra was playing last night (Monday) with a very international cast - Greg and Wendy and Kerri being the 3 Aussies - Mira from Central Europe, Alastair from Scotand, Bruce from Canada , Anette from Sweden and then the two other players (centre) are from Spain.  They have taken a year off work and looked at the globe to find a place where there would be lots of people who love playing music together - and their search lead them to Newport - and then to the Newport Bush Orchestra.  Walked right in, sat right down and began playing - Black Cat ...... Blas Garcia(in the green tshirt) plays and teaches the uke (his own youtube channel) but speaks no English.  His partner Vaesquez (Elisa) speaks English but doesn't play - yet.  What a great time was had by all - Australian Bush Tunes, the Girl from Ipanema and lots of sign language!  

Meanwhile all preparations are almost complete for the NBO's venture up to Landsborough for their 150th celebrations.  Rob and Wendy Durbridge (NFFC members) are residents and they reckoned it was the perfect NBO gig - in costume of course.  So far the team is Neil Maryanne Anette Wendy Alastair Alison Simon and family - they will be playing at the opening ceremony (10.30am Sat the 15th ) and then leading the big bush dance to finish up Saturday's celebrations.  Should be a hoot and we hope to see lots of pics and stories on this site.   This month Landsborough - next year Spain??

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