12 September 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra on the 12th of September

The Newport Bush Orchestra is alive and well though numbers have been a little down with some members being in warmer climes , overseas etc.

Our esteemed leader Greg is sounding more cheery and we all wish him a full recovery and hope to see him ‘back at the helm’ next term.

On Monday 12th. in attendance were Terry, Kerry, Christine, Fiona, Chris, Katherine, first time visitor Ian who played a very nice Martin tenor (4 string) guitar, yours truly, Dave and later in the evening Anette dropped in and regaled us with a spirited Swedish tune. El Presideto Michael Stewart and his dog dropped in to play a bit, listen and hit us with his fave song ‘Foot-is Gray’ which was new to some members (can you believe that !)

We went over some of the dance sets including the Gallopede, Brown Jug and Blaydon Races including Harry McQueen’s Jig in order to help reinforce the orchestra’s ability to play for bush dances. We also completed the trio set of Irish Polkas: Murphy’s, Dennis Murphy’s, and the Rose Tree which we’d been looking at over the last few weeks. We also revisited the lovely hornpipe ‘Nancy’ which has been a little challenging for some but we are getting there. Kerry led us with ‘Step it out Mary’ which was great as we were a bit rusty with that tune. Katherine played a lovely rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ which she is to play at her Aunt’s funeral this week(condolences Katherine),Chris K. with his enthusiasm played a number of tunes and newcomer to fiddle and NBO Fiona is making obvious progress.

The night was finished with Sally Sloanes, Uncle Affie’s Tap and Rita Bakers Polka.

(Don’t tell Greg but I’ve been allowing the newcomers to sneak a look at the music if they wish, to help get them going !)

Greg should be right for next term when he will steer us back on course to a purely Australian diet.

We may return to Outlets and into the newly built front room which looks great (through the window).

Who knows, we may not even have to sit on kindergarten chairs!


Dave Isom.

10 September 2011

Choir at The Substation

Along with the NFFC musicians who play regularly at the Substation Artists Market, the Newport Community Choir joined in the fun last weekend. Squeezing 16 singers into the space normally occupied by a trio was a bit of a challenge, but we got there. The acoustics of The Substation are particularly suited to choral singing, and even the stallholders and customers at the back of the hall (upstairs from where we were singing in the foyer) reported that the sound was wonderful. Singers and audience alike really enjoyed the performance. Due to popular demand, we'll be back!

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