15 October 2011

BO at Betty O'Leary's 100th Birthday

Sat Oct 15 saw a section of the Newport BO attend my mothers' 100th birthday.
Present Chris K,Chris H, Alasdair, Helen C, Llyn S, Maryanne C, Neil J, Bruce W, Don Gula, Steve M and Bruce S and me.
The ad hoc subgroup of the BO performed brilliantly, mixing songs and tunes effortlessly and providing a wonderful soundscape for the party as a whole. I expected the guests to be unreactive as they are mostly un-used to live music and generally don't know how to react but to my surprise we had a really positive response and even had spontaneous bush dancing going on. I stood back a bit and they happily continued on without my once indispensable leadership. The Orchestra has grown up and now looks after itself---a wonderful outcome. The guests loved it!
Thanks to all of them for being patient about the food and drink as it took ages to get sorted and thanks to them all on behalf of me, my brother and my 100yo mother for the contribution to the afternoon. It will be talked about for ages.
Greg O'L

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