15 November 2011

Newport Choir at the Big Sing at the Big West Festival 2011

The Newport Choir rehearsed for weeks to be part of the Big Sing at the opening of the big West Festival.

We joined with other choirs to form a choral group of 200 voices: Kensington, Laverton, Willin Women, Voice, Altona Sirens, Sunshine Sings, Brimbank Multicultural Choir, I'm Singing in Sunshine, Footscray City PS, Three Trees, Gilmore Girls and the Western English Language School! It wouldn't surprise me if there were others.

The purpose of the mass choir was to support MASSIVE, Australia's first hip hop choir.

Initially MASSIVE travelled around to choirs clustered in their regions to rehearse in manageable sized groups. The final rehearsal was held in the Newport Substation and at last we could appreciate the gigantic concept behind the event. This was a multigenerational, multilingual, multicultural extravaganza: fresh rap lyrics, original beats, body percussion and Polynesian traditional dance.

I managed a few photographs for the Club blog of both the Substation gathering and the show. This was just too good to let pass with sharing.

Being in the mix of such a big sound and powerful rhythm has confirmed in me that it is possible to fly without leaving the ground!

Enjoy ...

Jackie Kerin (soprano Newport Community Choir)

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