25 October 2011

BO session 3 term 4 2011

Kathryn, Chris K, DaveI, Alasdair, Ian, Bruce S, Trevor, Kerry, Simon L, Nancy, Greg.
This session saw a number tune gone over:Uncle Affies, The Rodoni Set, The Chicken dance much to the chagrin of Dave I, Hilarity, The kerfunken Jig, The Trentham Jig.
Nancy, returning from a long absence valiantly chased the chords down, Trevor had done homework and it showed, Ian picked stuff up like lightning and we seemed to spend hours talking about violins.
Greg was pushing folks hard regarding chords, the results spoke for themselves as the rhythm section sounded clear and coherent, providing the strong base for the melody players. Well done all.
A reminder that the calendar says we are on for 31 October.

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