13 October 2011

Bush Orchestra Session 1 Term 4 2011

The BO started the term in our new premises at Outlets CO-Op, a beautiful new hall at the front of Outlets. Thanks to Therese for making it available.
Attendees were Greg O'L, Dave I, Bruce S, Kerry D, Trevor H, Simon L, Chris K, Simon D. Alasdair Mc. Amazingly no females attended (first time ever).
We eased into the term by reviewing a few of the more recent tunes and a few of the oldies. Helen's Heart Waltz, Uncle Affie's Tap, The Rodoni Set, Joe Yate's Second Reel. Each person suggested a tune or set and we refreshed our knowledge of our repertoire in this fashion.
Thanks to Dave Isom and Helen Cahun for filling in while I was flat on my back.
I am looking forward to our summer season. Anyone having any ideas for public performance should contact me.
Thanks Greg

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