31 October 2011

October's Folk Club Session

Another lovely night of music -

Rob Durbridge down from the country obliged with old favourites 'I'd Rather Have Your Love' and 'Changi Banjo', Kathryn lead a set of bush orchestra tunes, a newly formed trio 'Powderroom Secrets' entertained with Patsy Cline a capella, Ted provided some fancy fingerpicking.

Being so close to the race, Jackie told her (now famous) story of Phar Lap, with props and the use of assorted assembled characters to bring Big Red's story to life. (Dave Davies also has a racehorse poem).

Bill Fields sang a Henry Lawson poem put to music by (Mr Redgum??) and there were a couple of originals - including one of Simon Kerr's that was a finalist in the Maldon Festival Songwriting Comp. Not sure how it ended up in the comp but it was a winner in Newport (a great song that left us wanting to know more about the angel in the Himalayas).

Chris got the hall singing to the old standard Blackbird and Rob and Greg Franklin swapped hot licks on a couple of tunes.

Eamon on the pipes (accompanied by Bill Fields on one tunes, and provided a haunting backing to a couple of the other songs, as did Richard on the cello. The resonation?? of the hall is often intruiging and it is hard to tell where the sounds are coming from (the hall, the instruments or the imagination).

Good tea coffee biscuits and fellowship completed the evening.

Always different and well worth the investment of time and a couple of gold coins.


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