24 March 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra Monday 22 March

Present: Leonie, Kathryn, Rob R, Chris K, Annette, Bruce S, Greg O, Wendy, Alasdair, Simon D, Bruce W, Mary-Ann, Rhonwyn, Rob D, Christina, Michael DV, Dave I. and 3 newcomers Helen, Annett and Cathryn

In the first half tonight the rhythm group reviewed the tunes we learnt this term - Gardebelayton, Syd Briggs, God Bless You and Bugger Me, Sally Sloane, Sofala Cuckoo, Moonan Flat and Och Nee Ochen Sue.

Greg taught the melody players School Polka.

After the break we ran through all of the above tunes together.

This was the last meeting of a very busy and productive Term 1. The Bush Orchestra will resume for Term 2 on Monday 12 April.

See you all then.

Bruce Williams

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