16 March 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra Monday 15/03/10

Present: Leonie, Kathryn, Rob R, Christine H, Annette, Bruce S, Wendy, Alasdair, Bruce W, Rhonwyn, Christina, Michael DV,Christine McD, Dave Issom, Rob D.

Lots of housekeeping stuff tonight. We had a quick debrief re Echuca-Moama Celtic Festival. Spent some time responding to the Festival Committee's survey of all bands. Then discussed organisational aspects of the up-coming Bush Dance at Newport Lakes (see website calendar for details). I also mentioned that I'll be playing in Paine Reserve Newport this Saturday from 10-11am to promote the Bush Dance. All Bush Band members are invited to join if they are free and feel up to it at that early hour (well for musicians anyway).

We then ran the sets for the upcoming Bush Dance. Tunes included clare jig, herb's jig, cunamulla, gallopede, black cat, railway hotel, blaydon races, veggie jig, cock o the north, syd briggs, rakes of mallow, rita baker, brown jug polka, tell me ma, 40 pound float, troika.

See you all at the Bush Dance.

Bruce Williams

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