21 March 2010

Bush Dance

What a great evening! The weather was perfect, lots of people and lots of willing dancers. The Newport Lakes Primary School choir started us off with bracket of great songs and actions to suit. Thanks kids, you were great! Also wonderful to see lots of Mums and Dads there, joining in with the dancing too. Tuppeny Kit (Neil and Maryanne) followed them with some traditional songs. Then it was the first bracket of dancing, with the Newport Bush Orchestra sounding better than ever and Neil demonstrating and calling the dances.

After half an hour of energetic dancing it was time for a change of pace with Rob Durbridge and then Dave Isom entertaining us with everything from soulful ballads to political broadsides. Then more dancing, with an even larger group than before!

After we'd worn everyone out with dancing, Georgina and Isabel Stewart took the stage and gave us a bracket of beautiful songs including Lily Allen's Smile. By this stage we were running a little ahead of schedule, so the Barbershop Chorus were only just ready to go on stage, but go on they did and they certainly rose to the occasion with their beatiful and intricate harmonies. Then it was time for yet another round of dancing, finishing off with a circle of 82 people (I counted them) in the circle for the Hokey Pokey.

Special thanks to Christine McDonald for organising the event, Dave Isom for promotions, Eamon Spillane for operating the PA, event partners Friends of Newport Lakes, and Hobsons Bay City Council for funding support.

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