03 March 2010

February Club Night

Alan & Christine started the night off with All I Have to Do is Dream inviting others to join in. Great to see Anton ( an old friend of the Folk Club) who brought along one of his students Steve, they delighted us with a number of tunes during the evening, one being Stanton Island. Ted can always be relied on to pluck out a selection of finger picking numbers and again tonight didn't disappoint us.

Jackie on uke dusted off an old favourite from her repertoire Leaving on a Jetplane. Dave recited a Banjo Patterson piece - Johnson's Antidote in his characteristic style. Kathryn was called upon to lead a few Bush Orchestra pieces and did us proud. Simon L invited Greg O to join him in The Blackbird – finding the only Australian Folk tune Greg didn’t know, but they did a great job. Moira, Nicola & Ric - 3 beautiful tunes... Greg J always comes up with an obscure number, tonight was Sam Hall, Chimney Sweep, with everyone joining in. Adrian challenged himself with a couple of songs, Neil Young’s Ambulance Blues and Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle – well done Adrian. Rob R had the room joining in on his version of Banks of Ohio and a bit later with Battle of New Orleans.

Simon K played another of his own compositions, The Waterfall. After the break Christine & Alan brought out another harmony, The Beatles If I Fell. Bruce W and Greg O played a traditional Appalachian piece (whoops, what was it again?) on mandolin and fiddle. Then Greg O took us back with an old Australian song Riding to the Never Never. Bill kept us waiting til after the break to play his number Star of the County Down and it was worth the wait. Alan finished the evening at 11pm with the usual Parting Glass. Thanks all, another great night of performing and listening to music and spoken word together.

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