29 March 2010

Club Night March 2010

A big night with lots of regulars and quite a few new faces too. "Hillbilly Mike" must be spreading our influence in the East as there were a few other folks from the other side of town too, lovely to see (and hear) you!

Alan and Christine started us up with All I Have to Do is Dream, followed by Bill and Marilyn with Mr Bojangles. (Music trivia question: who wrote Mr Bojangles? Answer at the bottom of this report. )
Suanna played a couple of originals - Pirate Song and Hello Fiddle, showing that she's not only a great player but a talented composer as well!
Raymond gave us a superb version of the convict classic Moreton Bay, filling the hall with his rich voice. In her first solo performance, Christina performed The Entertainer on ukulele - as she said, it seems to work pretty well on piano so why not uke? Nice work Christina!
There were a couple of Simon and Garfunkel classics performed during the night, with 59th Street Bridge Song from Tiya and Sound of Silence, complete with the original S&G harmonies, from Christine and Alan.
There was also a bit of a blues theme going, with John leading us on Red House...(once you get a good 12-bar blues going it's hard to stop!) and a little later Gail with another one...can't remember the title but it got just about everyone playing along!
Lots of dance tunes and singalongs (and another first - Bruce on fiddle!) took us up to 11 o'clock when Alan wound us up by getting everyone singing along to Leadbelly's classic Sylvie. It's a big sound when everyone joins in! Thanks everybody for another great night of music!

Music trivia answer: Mr Bojangles was written by Jerry Jeff Walker, see Wikipedia.

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maskellshillbilly said...

Another great club night, Jack enjoyed his first outing as a fiddler. Hillbilly Mick (maskellshillbilly)

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