08 May 2012

Photos from The Canterbury Tales Book Club Project

 Well .. I like 'creative collisions'.

In a nut shell - the story behind this big bang ...

... the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club brings people with all kinds of talents together. Our community, Hobsons Bay, is rich with cultural events and in May every year we celebrate books and writing with the Williamstown Literary Festival. A collection of folk from the Club pitched the idea of an event featuring the Canterbury Tales to the Literary  Festival Committee. The rest is history. These Tales are a perfect vehicle for dancers, singers, artists, thinkers and storytellers to share their craft.

Please enjoy some of the best pics of the day.

At the top is Bernard Caleo. A comic book artists and storyteller, Bernard presented the Nun's Priest's tale as a Japanese kamishibai. The stage, a little hard to see in this photo, was made by NFFC guitar finger picker, Ted Smith.

At the lectern is Catherine Ryan and then Claire Saxby. Catherine has been a supporter of the Club for years in her capacity as a restaurateur but at last she has stepped into the light.  Claire is one of the founding members of the Newport Choir (alto girl!) not to mention author, poet and the best MC to boot!

Here is Danny O'Connell is full flight as 'The Miller'. He will say that he was forced to take on a bawdy tale but I don't remember him putting up an argument!

And then there is me as 'The Pardoner'. Yes, I know he is a man but a little gender bender-ing never hurt Chaucer!

Finally ... here's  a pic of our MD, Simon Leverton. Simon not only provided the music for us but arrived with a troupe of Morris Dancers, The 'Red Ravens'.

So what plans for next year?

Thinking caps are on ...

Jackie Kerin, storyteller, author, ukulele wannabe and Newport Choir soprano.

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