01 May 2012

Newport BO Session 2 term 2 2012

I neglected to post last week so I'll confine my self to this weeks activiites.
We listened to the partially mixed takes of our CD and I took the advice of those present as to whether they made the cut. They all did. We can now ask steve to lay down a bass track and posibly add a few other bits and pieces to round it off. We need a picture for the cover . marilla had a great idea which we might try next session. attendances have been up since we started this project, which is gratifying but it is not over yet so keep coming. I sent an email re our festival activities and we will discuss it further  at the next session. Mike and i are rather excited with what might transpire  as it will include a lot of people and give everybody a chance to play well.
Attended on 23/4
Alasdair McCallum, Anette Johansson, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams, Chris Knoop, Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary,
Helen Cahun, Julie Rees, Kathryn Tomkins, Kerry Duke, Michael de Valle, Rob Richmond, Wendy Love, Trevor Hawksworth.

this weekAlasdair McCallum,  Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams, Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary, Julie Rees, Kerry Duke,  Rob Richmond, Wendy Love, Trever Hawksworth. and Ian 

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