06 May 2012

Chaucer for All!

Congratulations to Jackie Kerin and her troupe of actors, musicians and storytellers who brought the works of Geoffrey Chaucher to life yesterday at the Williamstown Writers Festival.  This was a very intelligently devised piece that seamlessly blended the elements of history, bawdiness, music, morris dancing, morality, kamichibai and even audience participation - all of these came together for what was a performance of some lenght (over 2 hours) that held the audience from start to finish. Chaucher himself would have approved of the rhythms and cadences of the afternoon, lilting from one act to the next.  Bravo Jackie and congratulations to your team: (Lots of NFFC'ers)
Daniel O’Connell (actor/singer Newport Fiddle and Folk Club) The Miller’s Tale. Very rude!
Bernard Caleo (storyteller/artist/comic book maker) The Nun’s Priest’s Tale – told as a Japanese Kamishibai… and why not?
Simon Leverton (Eco warrior/Newport Fiddle and Folk/musician) Please ride your bike, clap along and join in the chorus! Yes, Simon is bringing Morris Dancers.
Catherine Ryan (teacher/writer/resaurateur) Power Chaucer 101 so sit up and take notes or no dessert!
Claire Saxby (award winning writer) MC extraordinaire – so don’t try and interrupt when others are having their say.
Jackie Kerin (actress/storyteller/writer/ Newport Folk Club/Storytelling Australia Vic). The Pardoner’s Tale. ‘Radix malorum est cupiditas’. She likes to throw in a bit of Latin.
      Special Middle English speaking guest: Adrian Francis K. Clarke.

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