16 May 2012

NBO Session 3 and 4 term 2 2012

These 2 sessions were used to learn two marches which we will be workshopping and performing at the NFFC Festival in July. We reverted back to the ear traning technique which worked well for most participants. The 2 tunes and audio will shortly be up on the BO tunes site accessed from the NFFC site.
participation was down  so we will cover those 2 tunes again next session. At this eseeion we need to get a photo for the Album. it will probably be of a pile of instruments unless someone can come up with an easy alternative.
attendees for session2  and 4 were;
Alasdair McCallum, Bruce Stanbury, Christine Hemphill, Greg O'Leary,
Helen Cahun, Kathryn Tomkins, Kerry Duke, Marilla Hawkins, Simon Levington, Trevor Hawksworth.

14/5/12 (didn't take a role, sorry, done by memory, hope I havn't missed too many people)

Alasdair McCallum, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams,  Christine Hemphill, Greg O'Leary,
Kerry Duke, Mira Madzunarov, Rob Richmond, Simon Levington, Wendy Love, Trevor Hawksworth.
 thanks to christine for keeping tabs on the roll.

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