04 March 2012

Celtic session - 1st Friday of the Month

Just 2 pics from last Friday's celtic session at the Bowls Club - the photographer got distracted by the music and the playing. A lovely night of tunes and songs. Back again next month - 1st Friday of the month, from 7.30pm at the Bowls Club.

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Neil Jolly said...

It was great to be part of the first celtic session at the Newport Bowling Club for 2012. Many folk club/NBO members were there to bow, pick and strum a selection Australian and celtic tunes hand picked by Simon Leverton as part of the 'Starter List of Tunes'. This list will no doubt be our Koran for quite a while. While many popped in for a quick pint of playing before leaving for other Friday night committments, a core of musicians stayed on and kept the night young. Our Presidente kept the tunes flowing 'till late with other hardcore players following in the slipstream. All safely returned home to the local Newport streets,Werribee and Gisborne. We even had a female singer from Cairns - I wonder what time she got home?? Well done to all.

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