20 March 2012

BO Term 1 Session 5

Session 5 saw a reduced number of participants as we tackled a hard set of tunes including The Girl on the Hill,Jack and Lil and Och Knee Ochen Sue.
The Old schoolmaster,God Bless You and Step It Out mary.
The team this week was: Simon D, Bruce S, Bruce W, Helen C, Rob R, Dave I, Alasdair M, Greg Ol, Annette, andAnthony Carey on Spoons. Rob gavehisall on tunes he had not rehearsed. He did great! The group as a whole performed excellently.next week we tackle TheBoatmansDance and Watching the Cattle. WE may have 2 versions of the latter on the CD as Marilla had an arrangement in mind for harp. Anyway onward and upward

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