31 March 2012

Bo at Alasdairs and Judith combined 70th

The Scout hall at Weribbee Sth was the scene for Big Al and partner's combined 70th birthday. The BO was asked to provide music and dance for the occasion which we happily did. It being a surprise, it was hard to keep the info from Alasdair at our weekly meetings and group emails. We managed it and those who attended had a hoot.
Especially gratifying for me was the fact that others took over the running of the group as I was partially indisposed. Mike S called, Mike deValle took care of pre dance operations and Dave I ran the show after that.
Excellent stuff
Present:Alasdair McCallum, Anette Johansson, Chris Knoop, David Isom, Greg O'Leary
Kathryn Tomkins, Michael de Valle, Trever Hawksworth. Rob Richmond , Mike S,Christina Sbratto,Llyn Shoebridge.

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Anonymous said...

Really appreciated your coming to Werribee South for the Surprise Party
I had a ball! and heard lots of complimentary comments about the orchestra
Even with Alzhemer's creeping up, I don't think we'll forget 2012 in a hurry!!
Many thanks

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