28 February 2012

BO Term 1 Session 4 2012

Session 4 was very successful in that we recorded Hilarity and the Rodoni Tunes. It was very intense as everyone upped their concentration to record levels.
For the next session(5)we will be doing the Trentham/McQueen/Magpie set and the Cunamulla/Vegemite/Herb's set.
Please work on them both ,the audio of each is on the Tunes site . Please feel free to use the sheet music as an aid for recording.
I hope to get both sets done but it will depend on how well we do the unfamiliar tunes.
I am finding this process to be envigorating and more to the point ...enjoyable.
Session6 will be polkas
Old Schoolmaster/God Bless You/Step Iy Out Mary
Girl On The Hill /Jack and Lil /Och Nee Ochen Sue
Present:Alasdair McCallum, Anette Johansson, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams, Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary,
Helen Cahun, Julie Rees, Kathryn Tomkins, Michael de Valle, Rhonwyn Chesley, Simon Dew, Simon Leverton, Trever Hawksworth.


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