19 February 2012

BO Term 1 Session 2 13 feb 2012

The Bo began the task of recording our album with 2 successful sets and a ripping practice for the next session.
Laid down were the Black Cat set and The Mazurkas. Next we will taclke the Gervasin and Helen's Heart Waltzes and practice Hilarity and Rodoni set for the week after. All old and current BO players are invited to attend whatever sessions they can to take part in the recording. Your contribution will be acknowledged on the C.D. Those attending the occasional session can just pay for the nights they attend.
The blog will let you know what is being recorded from week to week.

Attending on Feb 13 were: Alasdair, anette, Bruce Stanbury, Chris Knoop, Christine Hemphill, David Isom, Greg O'Leary, Helen Cahun, Julie ?Rees, Kathryn Tomkins, Kerry, Marilla, Michael de Valle, Wendy Love, Trevor, Simon Leverton

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