07 February 2012


A cracking start to the year!

Attended:Greg, Alasdair,Mike de Valle,Kathryn, (passed her L plate test 94% we hear!),Simon L, Wendy, Marilla,Bruce S Chris K Chris H, Bruce W, Simon D, Kerry, Trevor, and a guest from Honk Kong Morris, Dave.

The night was used to experiment with recording our first sets. The results were gratifying as Bruce could play them back to us immediately. We played a few non BO tunes as a courtesy to our guest and settled into our tea break chatter and all.

The first set we boiled down to
black cat x2 rita bakers x2 syd briggsx2 , the Mp3 will go up on our tunes site CLICK HERE (and look under BUSH ORCHESTRA PRACCY SETS 1 AND 2) for all to practise at leisure. Ditto for the nest set, 3 mazurkas once each, Stan Treacey's, Sally Sloan's, Gordon Lyall's, also on the tunes site.
Next weeks tunes will be a couple of waltzes, the Gervasoni Waltzes and Helen's Heart Waltz.
A rough plan is to practise for the first 40 min, tea break and try to record for the second 40 min.

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