16 December 2012

When the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club hosts a book launch!

As one of the Club storytellers, I have tried and tested many ideas on club nights - better to fall flat on my face amongst friends than out on the job! One of my stories about a Lyrebird, was polished in this way and went on to become a short film and then later a 32 page picture book for children. The book illustrated by Peter Goulthorpe and published by Museum Victoria was going to creep onto the market quietly, just in time for Xmas. However our Club president Michael Stewart suggested the NFFC host a launch. I'm still recovering.

I feel so honoured to have celebrated with friends who prepared musical items - all with a reference to birds or flight.

My friend Christine sang with style in front of a montage of photographs of displaying lyrebirds, the choir (pitch perfect) presented The Carol of the Birds, my mate Greg sang a Hoagy Carmichael song and then he and Michael played the music which they had recorded and arranged for the short film, Zoe and Alan contributed two items and then there was the Bush Orchestra and of course Gerry warming the room as folk arrived and Gred who did a grand job as MC .... so many people the thank ... I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Thanks Everyone. And Thanks Gerry for the photos.

Jackie Kerin
Lyrebird! A true story (available on line, Museum Victoria and selected bookstores)

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