02 December 2012

Final Club Night for 2012

Last Friday's club night was a lovely end to the year - some oldies (songs) some newies (people) and that wonderful soulful vibe that is created when 40 people get together with the single intention of having a good time.  Still nothing stronger than choc teddy bears and tea/coffee to fuel the occasion that included:
  • Show and Tell:  Danny brought along his brand new, home made, 3 string, electrified uke that was made from a cigar case.  It wasn't just for show, as he played a rock n roll number (with slide) and had everyone playing along. 
  • Sing-along:  We don't hear many songs from the musicals but we had a trio (Mark, Anneliese and Jayne) who were dressed up a la My Fair Lady and got everyone singing 'Wouldn't It Be Lovely'.  It was! Everyone knew the words and the room was filled with music.
  • Impromptu Collaborations:  Sarah, Bernard and Gail (and everyone who knew the words or music) welcomed the new season in with their version of Summertime - sultry and classy, and another one from the musicals. 
  • Spiritual: Alan led the gathering in a moving rendition of We Shall Overcome and reminded us why the song was so important for the Civil Rights Movement in the USA in the late 50's and early 60's. 
This and much more (Alcohol and Pills and The Man from Ironbark give a sense of the diversity) kept the session well and truly alive till we closed with the anthem to the western suburbs, Footscray, at 11pm.  It was a good way to spend the evening.

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