29 December 2012

An Open Letter from Dave Isom

Open Letter to Newport Fiddle and Folk Club plus Newport Bush Orchestra Members

Dear Fellow Members,

Before I head off I just wish to sincerely thank you all for the friendship, support and encouragement you have given me during my time in NFFC and NBO.

It has been a very pleasant, happy and rewarding time and given me an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of Australian tunes which would otherwise have gone undiscovered. I hope that I can pass on some of this music to others where and whenever I may be playing. Although the fiddle has been relegated to the backburner for the time being while other matters have been moved to the front right it will keep simmering and re-cook further down the track… or should I say voyage?

You are all very fortunate to live in this part of the world and be surrounded by enthusiastic folks with similar interests. I keep telling friends who don’t come from the enlightened side of town how wonderful it is down here. The musical energy in Newport and surrounds is palpable and the Folk Festival is going from strength to strength. This is due to all of you who participate and especially to the dedicated committee members and organisers . While on this point I would like to give special thanks to Michael Stewart. The Folk Club is extremely lucky to have Michael as President. His enthusiasm, dedication, organizational skills, people handling ability, not to mention musical skills means that the folk club and festival has a rosy future.( Even if his repertoire is stuck on one track…Foot-is-gray)

And Michael is lucky to have such a great team around him too. On this point I would also like to thank all those people who assist in so many ways in running the club. Alan for the sound ( and lately Simon as well), Sue with the finances, door and CD sales, Christine with publicity and parties, Simon L. with programming and the Celtic sessions, Greg and Helen with the Bush Orchestra, Neil and Mary- Anne  for their performances and gigs, Don with the PA at the festivals and his great double bass playing plus all the rest of you enthusiastic members.

Finally, thanks must go to the Newport Bowls Club for providing such a great, friendly venue and drinks at sensible prices (plus free veggies on a Friday night).

I trust that in my time here I have contributed something worthwhile  to the richness and depth of the music through performance, experience, ideas and bringing along other ‘seasoned’ professional folk musicians to the musical life of the area.

I will have fond reflections of my time here at Williamstown and Newport and hope to return with more enthusiasm and ideas and look forward to lots more music with the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club and The Newport Bush Orchestra.

Farewell for now

Dave Isom.

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