03 September 2012

Newport Bush Orchestra - from Spain to Newport to Landsborough

The Newport Bush Orhestra was playing last night (Monday) with a very international cast - Greg and Wendy and Kerri being the 3 Aussies - Mira from Central Europe, Alastair from Scotand, Bruce from Canada , Anette from Sweden and then the two other players (centre) are from Spain.  They have taken a year off work and looked at the globe to find a place where there would be lots of people who love playing music together - and their search lead them to Newport - and then to the Newport Bush Orchestra.  Walked right in, sat right down and began playing - Black Cat ...... Blas Garcia(in the green tshirt) plays and teaches the uke (his own youtube channel) but speaks no English.  His partner Vaesquez (Elisa) speaks English but doesn't play - yet.  What a great time was had by all - Australian Bush Tunes, the Girl from Ipanema and lots of sign language!  

Meanwhile all preparations are almost complete for the NBO's venture up to Landsborough for their 150th celebrations.  Rob and Wendy Durbridge (NFFC members) are residents and they reckoned it was the perfect NBO gig - in costume of course.  So far the team is Neil Maryanne Anette Wendy Alastair Alison Simon and family - they will be playing at the opening ceremony (10.30am Sat the 15th ) and then leading the big bush dance to finish up Saturday's celebrations.  Should be a hoot and we hope to see lots of pics and stories on this site.   This month Landsborough - next year Spain??

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