16 September 2012

Landsbourough 150th - the NBO were there!

 The Newport Bush Orchestra were dispatched off to Landsborough to provide musical accompaniment for the Town's 150th Celebration.  Here are Maryanne, Wendy, Anette, Alastair, Neil and Bruce at the unvieling of the statue of William Landsborough, after who the town is named.  The NBO provded music at the pub on the Friday night, up for the unveiling at 10.30am before playing down the street, at the school, and then to open and close the concert on Saturday night.  A great success as always with songs and tunes and plenty of laughs to make for an entertaining weekend.  More photos to come.  Great for the folk club to be an exporter of culture - the NBO's next gig is up at Digger's Rest in November for the Family Fun Day at Animal Land Children’s Farm, Diggers Rest on Saturday 10th November so a few more musical miles for the NBO before the end of the year.  Well done!

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Mary-Anne Charles said...

Such a fabulous weekend! Many thanks to the Landsborough community for their wonderful hospitality, to the Weather Man for withholding the rain & to Alisdair, Anette, Anthony, Bruce, Llyn, Michael, Neil & Steve for their optimism & boundless enthusiasm!

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