05 September 2012

8 Years and Still Going Strong

Last Friday night was the 8th birthday of the folk club and we had a lovely night of music, poetry, some jokes and the traditional chocolate birthday cake with our cup of tea.  There was about 40 people all up - some first timers playing and singing (Adrian), telling jokes (Morrie), promoting their wares (Joe) and a few just keen to see what all the fuss is about.  One bloke who was there has just taken up the guitar (at 80 years old) - reckons he has plenty of time, and a good teacher in Brendan, so we look forward to hearing him play soon enough.  Lots of regulars - Dave with a couple of poems, Christine with a couple of musos backing her, Eamon playing some tunes solo and then gettting together with Bill and Gordon and  Alison to form a recorder consort, and Alison and Nola, fresh from yet another Ukulule Dolls gig, entertaining with some good time singalong songs.  No photos - will aim to get a couple next month - but the spirit of the night is hard to catch in a pic or in words - but its the thing - fresh, alive and unpretentious.  Let the adventure continue.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday NFFC !!! Not a toddler any more :)

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