26 October 2014

NBO Plays at Bulla Railway Family Day

Our fourth time playing for this wonderful organization.
Extended Families via Leila arrange this day for carers of kids with disabilities.
Our main fare was the Australiana but later on we just played what came into our heads which happily was a LOT of stuff!
We have again seen at first hand, the wonderful theraputic qualities of a cheery upbeat musical vibe.
This year Aaron came back to play with us, but seemed more fixated on the  poster advertising our performance.
He also fell in love with a dripping tap close by, which enchanted and distracted him mightily,  but we all still got a wave goodbye as he left. His mate Eric was more resonant with our efforts, or to be more specific Rhomwyns' flute and Alasdairs' whistle. Both  mesmerised him. He could not see how the sound was made and Rhonwyn and Al patiently helped him in his own intense  world of discovery. We got a goodbye wave from Eric as well. All the parents told us how much they and their kids loved the music, even though somtimes it wasn't as clearly apparent as we normally expect. We could see that that appreciation can be expressed in a number of very different ways and after 4 years we are getting good at its interpretation.
 A number of lovely  little interactions with other kids took place over the 4 hours we were there.  I made a kitten noise on the violin and this 3yo lovely Chinese girls' face just shone with joy! So easy to do and such a reward for me!
These little acts were trivial to us but you could see the kids' excitement and interest. A wonderful day for everyone.
Attendees were: Rhonwyn, Dennis, Maryanne, Rosaleen,Neil, Mark, Annete, Trevor, Me, Alasdair and Shipmate Dave. Apologies from the two Bruces and Veronica.
Thanks all for coming.

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