19 October 2014

Bush Orchestra at Iramoo Open Day

Our first outing for the 2104 Spring/Summer season went over well at the community day at Iramoo Community Centre in Wyndham Vale.
I rolled in with a relaxed attitude and a sore back to find the Ukelele Dolls starring onstage. We followed with a set of good old BO favorites. Present were: Rosaleen,Dennis,Maryanne, Neil, Katherine, Mark, Annette, Mira, Alasdair, Christina, Trevor, Kerry, Rhonwyn and me. As is now usual, an amazingly coherent and vibrant sound emanated from our somewhat haphazard group. Our traditional good vibe added to the open day and our second bracket bush-danced our way into the hearts and minds of the 6 totally enthusisatic dancers that Neil coaxed up to dance in 30C heat. Amazingly the change came just as we sped the Troika up to our traditional 200bpm. Had it not arrived the dancers would have had heart attacks.
Annete bought me a lovely sausage on bread with yummy onions. Rhonwyns' flute stopped working (this was not a good thing), Mark's new tamborine minus cymbals  was a hit. Dennis , Trevor and Kerry shone sartorially. Rosaleen  and her Vielle had to be kept away from the mike  as it was SOOOOO loud!  Katherine held it all together as usual and it was a great start  to our summer seaso

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