12 April 2013

Open Stage and A Packed House

April's Open Stage was a full and fun night of music making, poetry and some storytelling.  The Community Hall was reaching its limits for seating but everyone was able to find a space to enjoy the evening.  Lots of photos (sse below for slideshow) give a 'roll-call' of who was playing / reciting / reading.  The evening finished off with a couple of Spanish and Mexican songs from our Spanish friends Blas and Elisa.  They came to Newport 7 months ago because they heard it was a good place for music, and they have added to the vibe with performances at the Open Stage, the Substation, busking around Newport Williamstown, Altona and more.  Now they are moving on to Tassie, Sydney and Darwin to complete their 12 month sabbatical.  Its been lovely to meet Blas and Elisa and we wish them all the best for the rest of their travels and hope they can come back again in the future.  The last few snaps on the reels of pics if Elisa with Alison and the Uke Dolls who have taken Elisa under their wings. 
All in all, a great night.

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