24 April 2013

Live @ Newport - Theme Night

What a brilliant night: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Simon and Garfunkel would have been chuffed. Eighteen soloists, choirs, duos, trios and other various combos strummed, blew, sang, beat, plucked, stomped and hummed until midnight! The wine flowed from the Newport Bowls Club Bar and there was much love in the room. The night was bookended by the Ukulele Dolls and the Angelicats and in between … well I’ll let the photos tell the story. We also sang Happy Birthday to Maurie who turned 82, welcomed travelling Irish storyteller David Doyle and had a raffle to get Jackie to Rome for the Federation for European Storytelling Conference. What did we
do with our spare time before the NFFC?

Enjoy the pics and if you would like me to send you photos of your performance, please contact me and I will send. jackie@jackiekerin.com.au.
All taken with my trusty pocket digital set on ‘auto’. I managed to get an in focus (sort of)  shot of everyone.

You can also enjoy the continuing conversation and more photos on Facebook. Type in Live @ Newport - Theme Night

Ukulele Dolls: Homeward Bound
Willin Women: Bridge Over Troubled Water
NFFC wishes Maurie a happy birthday
Adrian, Gael and Ric: I wish I had a river 
David Doyle, travelling UK storyteller is invited to draw the raffle with Katherine and Michael.

* Special thanks to Clive Bourne who was on sound for the night … it can’t be easy!

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