08 March 2011

Newport Bush Orchestra March 7'th 2011

Present: Alan, Annette, Bruce W, Chris K, Christine H, Christina P, Greg O, Helen H, Ian, Julie, Kathryn, Kerry, Leonie, Marilla, Michael d V, Pam, Rob R, Rhonwyn, Simon D, Trevor,

Tonight we ran through the sets for the upcoming Newport Lakes Bush Dance (20th March)
We also welcomed new member Ian - who played a mean fiddle, and returning old member Pam - who is playing as well as ever!

Greg also taught the fiddlers how to make opening door, train (both approaching and departing) and police car sounds! This was much appreciated by Annete's relatives visiting from from Sweden - especially her great nephew!

Again, for those who may not know it, the Newport Bush Orchestra now has its own web site with the tune book in PDF form, additional tunes and MP3's to download - all for free!

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