23 March 2011

But Wait.........There's More!

Last Sunday's bush dance at Newport Lakes was a fabulous affair. As described in the previous article, a fun time was had by all.

Here are some more pics to add to the last lot.
Highlights for me were the wonderful acts performed by some of our talented locals.

Working as a team to put on a great show. Having a laugh on stage. Putting our musical skills to use. Watching people enjoy themselves, dancing and having fun.

Storytellers Jackie Kerin and Dave Davies.

Some extremely talented younsters. And quite possibly the tallest and the smallest fiddlers in the world,
on stage together!
We all know that the big feller can play. His little mate also did a stirling job. Michael accompanied them on keyboard, and the whole show held us all spellbound

After the show, our lovely Swedish girl, Annette plied us all with shots of schnapps. As is her custom.

We all went home exhausted, but happy. Another splendid event brought to you by the Newport Folk Club.

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Anonymous said...

It was a top day in Newport - the best place for live local entertainment.

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