27 January 2011

Australia Day Bush Orchestra Gig

The BO performed in the park on the Altona foreshore on Australia day. Our first effort for 2011 had us playing at our best. It was a pleasure to be up there doing our stuff with energy, verve and passion. The sound guy, Bruce, gave us a great onstage sound and we took it from there. Present :Alan Davies , Alasdair McCallum, Annette Johansson, Bruce Stanbury, Bruce Williams, Chris Knoop, Christine Hemphill, Christina Pavlidis, Helen Cahun, Julie Rees, Kathryn Tomkins, Llyn Shoobridge, Mary Anne Charles, Michale de Valle, Rob Richmond, Steve Martin, Wendy Love.

Coming back from NZ to such a great start was uplifting and a hoot!
Greg O'Leary

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Alan Davies said...

Yes it was great fun. Looking forward to the next one on Thursday!

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