16 October 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra at Seaworks - Rotary Art Show

The Bush Orchestra provided the sort of rollicking good time music that perfectly matched the mood and setting of the Gala Opening of the Rotary Art Show. This has become an annual gig for the NBO and they can be seen in full flight below - tunes, join in songs (Heave Away - Haul Away) and even a couple of dances. 16 members of the NBO dressed the part and had a heck of a good time - heavy rain on the roof of the tin shed notwithstanding. While the players wondered about the acoustics, a number of the guests to the Art Show came up afterwards and said how they loved the music and it made it such a successful evening - lively and spirited, and lots of red dots on the paintings a.nd other art work. Well done to Greg and Bruce and the team.

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