30 August 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra August 30

Present: Alasdair McC, Annette J, Bruce S, Bruce W, Bryan D, Catherine D, Christine H, Christina P, Dave I, Fiona C, Greg O'L, Helen H, Kathryn T, Kerry D, Leonie K, Lyn S, Marilla H, Mira M, Simon D, Wendy L.

Tonight we welcomed new member Bryan and promptly threw him in the deep end working on a quick review of a bunch of tunes he'd never heard before! He rose to the occasion and after a quick cup of tea to steady his nerves was strumming away with the rest of the rhythm section. Well done Bryan!

After the tea break we reviewed the 'Rodoni' tunes, 'The Mill Belongs to Sandy', and 'Hilarity'. Then with 15 minutes to go Greg decided to teach us all 'Edgar Lacey's Set Tune' in D. It must have been one of those 'all rise to the occasion' kind of evenings as we seemed to latch onto the tune reasonably quickly. Pats on the back all round.

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